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Hollow Sunshine - Held Above

Hollow Sunshine’s debut album combines deep tuning with pop undertones and a garage recording to create a unique combination of warmly familiar elements. The hypnotic swirl of lush vocals hovering over down tuned riffs and steady rhythms yield a truly mesmerizing listening experience. "Held Above" is Hollow Sunshine’s first full-length and most realized vision after several EP releases.

The nine tracks of "Held Above" were self-recorded by the band and pro-mastered by James Plotkin, aiming for a soothing "lo" fidelity with clarity kept in mind. Hollow Sunshine exist within a delicate balance between blown out sludge, narcotic drone and pop sensibilities, an unlikely combination with brilliant results. Yet this contrast between heaviness and catchiness, with melodic vocals providing a calm and consistent drift throughout, makes Hollow Sunshine stand out starkly from contemporaries.

Joined by vocalist Morgan Enos, songwriter and visual artist Reuben Sawyer (of Rainbath Visual)’s stark imagery is screen-printed on complimentary color paper by Broken Press. 700 copies of Hollow Sunshine’s debut LP were made in the first pressing: 100 on pink, 200 on white and 400 on black. A high-quality digital download is included.

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