Trips and Traume

Henryspenncer - Saturn

Henryspenncer is a French one man project. After a couple of CD issues (first self-released, the second on his own label Bookmaker) and an old past in film scores, electro industrial and hardcore, the Parisian psychedelic space cowboy (Valentin Fèron at our time) is now at his first approach to vinyl with the Italian Trips und Träume. The new album "Saturn" is a straight mix of morose-spacey drones and folk-western staple guitar compositions. Reminiscent of Grails, Horseback, Earth and Neil Young's "Dead Man" soundtrack, Henryspenncer's work is a dreamy psychedelic trip that evokes desolate, wild and steep landscapes made of fuzzy guitarspheres, electric drumbeats, moog-fugues and shimmering arrangements.

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