Robotic Empire

Gods & Queens - Untitled

GODS & QUEENS debut with washes of reverb and echoes of shoegazer’s catchier moments. There’s mature inconsistency here... or in other words: fast songs, slow songs and one droning psychedelic blissfest. To semi-appropriately quote the band, "GODS & QUEENS is a three piece band from Brooklyn/Philadelphia who tried in vain to blatantly steal riffs and song patterns from some of their favorite bands (like HOOVER, LUNGFISH, JUNE OF 44, SPACEMAN 3 and the like)... but failed in every attempt. Instead here are seven songs that resemble nothing of who or what they were intended to be. A few have said it sounds like a low rent, super depressed version of FUGAZI, or QUICKSAND with out the start stop timing." What this boils down to is that GODS & QUEENS is playing an abnormally dark blend of indie/shoegazer/whatever-people-want-to-call-it. This comes on a slightly swirly translucent purple colored vinyl.

This first pressing is all on colored vinyl, pressed in the following quantities:
* 425 copies on translucent purple (Robotic Empire / USA version)
* 425 copies on translucent orange (Adagio830 / Europe version)
* 150 copies on half clear / half translucent orange (band version)