Self Released

Glaciers - Mirrored Through The Ancients

Mirrored Through The Ancients is the second full length album from San Francisco instrumental group GLACIERS, and shows a heavier, louder, more psychedelic dynamic range than their first album. There is still plenty of melody, but more distortion, riffs, effects pedals, heavy drumming and heavy rock songs, and a much lower tuning helped give birth to this LP.
With Mirrored Through The Ancients, GLACIERS have evolved and expanded into their own sound.
Written and recorded during most of 2012, Mirrored Through The Ancients was captured by Phil Manley (Life Coach, The Fucking Champs and Trans Am) at Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco. Whereas their first album And The Sea Won The Battle was influenced by the ocean with a navigational theme, Mirrored Through The Ancients is a dark album heavily influenced by life, death, nature, California, and all things heavy. This record is also the first written fully as a band.