Gel-Sol - Horse Head Bookends

Horse Head Bookends is the new full-length record from Andrew Reichel who performs and creates music under the moniker Gel-Sol. A long-time composer with multiple international releases and tours under his belt since 1998, Gel-Sol has been known for creating vast soundscapes, wild improvisations and intensely deep compositions. He uses a brazen approach to sampling- “plunderphonics” and philosophical take on genre- “Paracosmic” (parascosm being a fictional universe and his art existing in his own paracosm).

Further detailing Gel-Sol’s unique paracosm, is Horse Head Bookends, an album that is progressive in nature. The music constantly shifts through genres: space rock, Berlin School electronic, RnB/funk, avant-garde, dub, and minimalism. This comes from years of deep listening, study, and experimentation.

Andy plays all instruments on this release- not limited to, but including, live drums, lap steel, his massive modular synthesizer (named MORT), and even manipulating cassette players. He also single-handedly created the massive visual art package from conception to layout. The intricate, colorful collage work parallels the musical compositions, with a custom panel of artwork for each respective piece of music. The concept behind the album design features a die-cut opening in the front cover; with each piece of art on a full size insert, the cover can be changed to suit your mood. The vinyl version will be available here 9.19.

Horse Head Bookends is designed to be a full-on journey, with seamless mixes on each program side - a complete, coherent concept, from start to finish.

Currently residing in Seattle, Andy is a founding member of the Monster Planet music and visual series (now in it’s 8th year), and is the Creative Director for Patchwerks, a synthesizer store co-owned by his wife Cindy, an accomplished musician
and prog radio DJ.

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