Funeral Moth - Dense Fog

Throne presents the vinyl version of Japanese extreme Doom debut album. Funeral Moth formed back in 2005 and, as common in the ancient Japanese tradition, have been cautiously, slowly, firmly evolving, step by step, until their debut album is finally unleashed! Funeral Moth is made up of members and ex-members from other Japanese bands such as Coffins, Psycho To Black, Deathchurch and Realm. "Dense Fog" instills eerie melodies by 2 guitars and a 6-strings bass guitar, minimalist yet smashing drums, and growling guttural voice. Extremely slow rhythm and contrast of dark tranquillity versus extreme aggression. Here's 4 songs, about 74 minutes of extreme Doom that should be so! Justin Hartwig from Mournful Congregation contributed excellent lead guitar. This is very resembling of late era Corrupted, with Funeral Moth's own sound though.