Robotic Empire

Floor - Self-Titled

Expanded standalone reissue of FLOOR's seminal self-titled album. Like the sound of heaven collapsing, FLOOR prematurely left us with this brilliant monolith of a thunderous yet soaring doom sludge pop rock hybrid, that nothing before or after has truly compared to. Laying the bedrock for what would come years later with TORCHE, the self-titled FLOOR album was and is the stuff of legends.

A magnificent merging of the best elements from "heavy" to "catchy", FLOOR's legacy was not founded on this album, but was forged with it. With the monumental "bomb string" in tow, an unlikely but amazing combination of incredibly deep-tuned doom rock, sing-along harmonized vocals, a bombastic rhythm and pop sensibilities all set FLOOR apart from contemporaries.

Thankfully the posthumous legacy created by their recordings has revived activity into the band, and Robotic Empire is honored to finally present this massive release for availability once again.

Housed in a beautiful full-color gatefold LP jacket with silver coverage throughout, a custom glue-pocket includes three bonus "outtakes" on a correlating 7", originally from the same recording session and unearthed surrounding the "Below & Beyond "discography/box set. FLOOR's self-titled album is now available in full as this 16-track 12"+7", and contains a high-quality digital download of all tracks.

* 500 Deluxe "Hall of Fame" Edition w/ extra printwork, full Decibel "Hall of Fame" feature transcription, plus a patch, sticker and silver/blue color vinyl
* 300 electric blue color vinyl
* 300 clear color vinyl
* 900 black vinyl