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Floor - Below & Beyond

*Damaged Copies - Creases and Torn Cover*

South Florida’s FLOOR were around for roughly 10 years and recorded well over a dozen times during their on-and-off existence. Nearly 100 tracks are the result of a decade of persistence amid overall under-appreciation, and only in the wake of their demise did underground audio followers finally take note. Their huge body of work yielded only a few officially released records, and most of what the band recorded just collected dust in the vaults. Finally, everything ever laid down to tape by this truly ahead-of-their time(s) outfit has been compiled into one massive release.

From the living rooms and basements of 1992 to the studios of 2001/2002, FLOOR had an incredible evolution from the GODFLESH and early-MELVINS-inspired sludge worship, to the unrivaled sugary doom/pop amalgamation which would eventually pave the way for TORCHE, HOUSE OF LIGHTNING and others. The changes in sound from recording-to-recording means the sheer variation of style (and audio fidelity) witnessed throughout this collection is astounding, and when dating these recordings against what would eventually follow, it becomes crystal clear that FLOOR were consistently operating on that fabled "next level".

It is with great honor and elation that we present the "Below & Beyond" collection to you. After many years in the making, FLOOR is finally able to conclude their existence with this extensive collection. Eight CDs and a massive (12"x12") 32-page booklet of writings, photos, lyrics, artwork and much more are all to be housed in a LP-sized custom gatefold jacket. This is the definitive FLOOR collection.