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Envy - Insomniac Doze

Japan's ENVY has been laying waste for over 15 years now... having started in 1991 as, a group of Japanese teenagers forming an uncompromising thrash band, spitting two-minute blasts of indecipherable terror for anyone who could stand the physical and emotional damage it inflicted. All these crazy years later, punk's corpse has been cannibalized to the bone and ENVY has irreparably blurred the lines dividing the various factions of hardcore. Still terrifyingly sincere, their songs are now life-affirming triumphant portraits for anyone strong-willed enough to withstand the emotional epiphanies they inspire. Fans of MOGWAI, CITY OF CATERPILLAR and GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR: take detailed note if you haven't heard the glorious ENVY yet.

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