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Envy - A Dead Sinking Story

Once every several years, a band emerges that is so powerful and overwhelming, you are left in awe after a single listen. Tokyo, Japan’s Envy is such a band. Picking up where ‘All the Footsteps You Ever Left’ and the ‘Fear Expecting Ahead’ left off, ‘A Dead Sinking Story’ is an epic fusion of anger, sadness and strength; a sonic journey through incredible songwriting and newly incorporated electronic soundscapes which give the listener only an inch or two of breathing room. Both breathtaking and unrelenting, ‘A Dead Sinking Story’ clocks in at an epic 62 minutes; this is truly hardcore reserved for the hardcore. After a successful tour of Japan with Level-Plane’s Hot Cross and City Of Caterpillar, the band is making plans for more shows and touring in the near future. ‘A Dead Sinking Story’ is guaranteed to clinch their spot in the hearts and minds of hardcore enthusiasts the world over. Recommended if you like Botch, Yaphet Kotto, and Mogwai.

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