Dead Tank

Environmental Youth Crunch - Vicious Fishes

Environmental Youth Crunch’s “Vicious Fishes” could be their best by far. What’s that you say, our favorite”eco-punks” at it again with doses of catchy riffs set to pop-punk paces denouncing all forms of degradation and destruction? Well not so much, and lay off the “eco-punk” please. Continuing maturation and transformation finds some things that are familiar in vocal and musical arrangement, while at the same time announcing the beginning of a new era for these fine gentlemen. Recorded by Lenny Rutland in late spring of 2008. The first 3 songs on this cassette will be on a split 7” with Richmond’s Mouthbreather, out on Rorschach Records. Side B has songs that Jacob recorded himself. This cassette is EYC’s most diverse material. It also includes some tasty covers!