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Emperor Of The North - Street Van/Songs Of Love

Solo noise from WT Nelson of Geronimo, Bastard Noise, and Man is the Bastard.

The murky provenance of Emperor of the North AKA W.T. Nelson’s audio fieldwork spans three decades. It includes performance & production of recordings on Three One G, Relapse, Kitty Play & Gravity Records by Geronimo, The Bastard Noise, Man is the Bastard & Sleestak (plus key electronic instrument designs for Trogotronic).

Whereas some heads strive to write the Great American Novel, EOTN here endeavors to rewrite “All-Time Classic Songs of Love.” Inspired by the ass-pirational kustom lifestyle of shag carpet, shaggier body hair & free mustache rides, EOTN trades savory overtones of jungle-stew for a more menacing energy of Old Spice, leaded gasoline & an ashtray full of True Menthol butts in this go-mantic romp through a time when #vanlife was MANLIFE.

Distilled from the discharge of hand-built electronics & field recordings, the arrangements inspire daytime hallucinations without ever overwhelming or belaboring the well-established marks of experimental genres from ambient to harsh. In a world full of noise, EOTN manages to stand out with one of the most consistently unique & recognizable voices.

Originally released as a limited edition of 100 cassettes by Kitty Play Records in 2015, EOTN’s Street Van/Songs of Love is now issued by Daft Alliance for the first time on the digital audio compact disc medium.

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