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Crowpath - Old Cuts and Blunt Knives CD

The cacophony created by Swedish metal overlords CROWPATH is astonishingly innovative but more importantly, all-encompassing in its sheer brutality! Absolutely inhumanly-fast yet stylish drumming and wild bass lines are the backbone for an amalgamation of creative riff after riff. The off-timed chaos is superbly held together with demon-like vocals that range from crazed screams to evil guttural yells. By fusing the finest elements of tech metal, grindcore and death metal with a good dose of hardcore battery, Crowpath's debut CD is a very fresh outlook on heavy music and is undoubtedly going to reshape the way many modern metal bands think. This collections disc (mastered by Pig Destroyer's Scott Hull) compiles all of their vinyl-only efforts and two exclusively mastered preview tracks from their phenomenal Red on Chrome album on Willowtip/Earache.