Crippler Cross Face - Where Did We Put That Dead Horse

Current and ex-members of DAUGHTERS, AS THE SUN SETS and BURY YOUR DEAD, this is an old project of said members that has just recently seen the light of day (thus the EP's title). This really isn't drastically different than the mentioned projects, although this does emphasis more on grind and thrash/powerviolence in comparison to the hardcore angle. However, the breakdowns are still pummeling and fans of said bands should be pleased. "Initially a side project that has snowballed into Providence legend status. Along the lines of later AS THE SUN SETS, PHOBIA, or FLESH PARADE. This is Grind, short and ugly." So yeah, that should give you an indication of what these nine tracks are like, and this is probably the only place you can find it as the label that released it (Urchin) is now defunct and we got all of their back stock to help make this available again. Highly Recommended!