Converge - Axe To Fall

With classic metal enjoying resurgence as bands like Mastodon introduce a new generation to the majestic riffage of Sabbath and Zeppelin, it is only right that one of the bands responsible for that resurgence, Converge, should offer up their most accessible album to date. With their new album, Axe to Fall, coinciding with their national tour with Mastodon, Converge are set to find the wider audience that the band, as pioneers of post-hardcore, so richly deserve. Formed in Salem, MA, in 1990, Converge are to modern metal what the Ramones were to punk, with albums like Jane Doe and You Fail Me considered touchstones of the genre. Axe to Fall takes the band’s maverick attitude to new highs; with leader Jacob Bannon finding searing melodies amidst the chaos of chords that is their hallmark, while the band’s sound finds richer textures and deeper hooks than ever before. Nothing of the old Converge is sacrificed; everything is gained, in what may come to be considered the band’s masterpiece.