Temporary Residence

Coliseum - Goddamage

Easily one of the heaviest punk bands playing right now, and undeniably dangerous and crushingly heavy... COLISEUM are hot on the heels of their debut full length on Level Plane (and non-stop touring last year that found them playing over one hundred shows since their inception in March of said year). This is a brand new eight song annihilator entitled Goddamage recorded in the dead of winter with producer Jason Lowenstein (yes, "the other guy" from SEBADOH) and recorded a follow up just that more vicious and intense. Fronted by BLACK CROSS guitarist and Louisville, KY icon, Ryan Patterson, COLISEUM play a brand of hardcore punk completely dissimilar to the sound that that city is known for. Their noise is rooted with the upbeat and melodic, yet bass heavy drive of the almighty MOTORHEAD but with a decidedly more punk attitude akin to DISCHARGE or POISON IDEA. Add to that the dark and fierce desperation of modern heavyweights such as TRAGEDY, FROM ASHES RISE or early NEUROSIS and you have a picture of a black and bleak world through the eyes of COLISEUM. Incredible artwork rounds out this absolutely phenomenal EP. Highly recommended.