Get Better

Coherence - Of Alternate Spaces

Debut full length on Get Better Records and AF-Records featuring 8-tracks of emotive hardcore akin to the dark, raw, and intense sound of the 90s. Looking to many punk/emo/hardcore bands for influences such as: Spitboy, fourhundredyears, Sleepy Time Trio, Rainer Maria, Unwound, Dahlia Seed, and One Last Wish. Lyrically (in English, Arabic, and Farsi) COHERENCE speaks about diaspora, assimilation, anti-colonialism, personal struggles that are exacerbated and perpetuated due to white supremacy, as well as including the narratives of immigrant families. COHERENCE includes members from many other projects including: Jabber, Long Knives, My Parade, Watercolor Paintings, Drawing Water, Ten Thousand Leagues, Pills, SOAR.
“Coherence is like the 90s hardcore without the jerseys.” - ROMEOXVX 
"Excellent mid-paced heartfelt punk from COHERENCE, comparisons to fellow Bay denizens DAIKON, with discordant guitars ripped straight from the basements of the '90s and later Kirsch level intensity in the vocals." - WN , Review from MRR #422
"Musically you'll probably detect something along the lines of older bands like TORCHES TO ROME or BREAD AND CIRCUITS. The music is upbeat punk, yet introspective sounding due to what seems to be an unorthodox choice in melodic chord phrasings." - Tom Schlatter , review from Open Minds Saturated Hearts blog