Chronics - On Tape It Sounds Different

On Tape It Sounds Different is 14 blistering tracks of power pop/rock n roll from these Italian masters of rock! This cassette is the first time on tape for the CHRONICS and compiles the best hits from their previous releases "Its Too Late" and "Suggested For Mature Audiences" out on Demolition Derby Records and the full sessions from the classic "First Time, Best Time" 7" on Rip Off Records. Including the never before released tracks "Let Me Know", "The Sun Aint Gonna Shine" and a cover of the Rolling Stones gem "Connection"! This cassette is a piece of power pop and rock n roll history that we are honored to press up along with a digital download of the full release! Break out your tape player, and sunglasses and crank this baby up!!!!!! INCLUDES A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD