Deep Six

Charred Remains/ Man Is The Bastard - First Music, First Noise

The first sessions from each "face" of this dual personality unit feature the earliest recordings of the original line-ups of Charred Remains (S. Connell/J. Connel/Wood) and The Bastard Noise (Barnes/Brady/Wood) pressed together as a single slab of musical/sound-violence especially for the maniacs that crave yesterday's diabolical mutant offerings... this is where it all was born. With tracks like "Eunuch" and "The Arena," Charred Remains made their presence known to the twisted underground sound world at large. The Bastard Noise tracks like "Steak Eating Boss," "Trapped Within Burning Machinery" and "Fine Feathered Friend" demonstrated the early ROARAFC "caveman electronics" and alien-beast vocals to ears that would have them creating music through mechanized divinity.