Crucificados Pelo Sistema

Burmese / POTOP - Split

Crazy import record from Germany and Macedonia, but the writing on the packaging is in Russian or something? Who knows but this is sturdy and awesome, limited to just 500 hand-numbered copies too! BURMESE offer 8 ugly tracks of noise; ranging from damaged rock to primitive grind bursts, sadistic power electronics and cold, haunting drones; a claustrophobic amalgamation of frequencies akin to MAN IS THE BASTARD, BRAINBOMBS and WHITEHOUSE. Tectonic grooves, blackened guitars and hellish screams make for POTOP’s side. Primitive and crippled doom metal, been compared to BURNING WITCH, KHANATE and power violence without the fast parts. Heavy stuff for real. 17 minutes from each band, pressing of 500 hand numbered copies, comes inside a black DJ sleeve, 2 sided screen-printed covers on heavy 700 gram paper with obi strip and insert. Whew!