20 Buck Spin

Bloody Panda - Summon

NYC’s Bloody Panda released their critically lauded sophomore album in late 2009 via Profound Lore Records. Now 20 Buck Spin has the honor of bringing this harrowing, disturbing vision of doom to the analog format. Characterized by a wall of horror-inflected amplifier drone and stunning percussive arrangements that showcase a variety of tempos, Summon is a one-hour journey through the lowest depths and dankest dark chambers of doom. Frontwoman Yoshiko Ohara conjures both Diamanda Galas and Jarboe with her banshee-like screams, howls and vocal exorcisms. There’s no doubt Summon is a difficult masterpiece of modern experimentalist doom abstraction, and it can now be “enjoyed” on four sides of pitch black wax. The 2xLP version also includes the DVD for the band’s visual interpretation of the 21 minute track Miserere. Limited to a one-time pressing of 500 copies.