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Blood Sun Circle - Distorted Forms

The work of brothers Bobby, Ryan and Brad Gorham as Blood Sun Circle is a departure from their previous work in sludgy hardcore band Engineer. On this highly anticipated sophomore album, titled Distorted Forms, the Syracuse, NY foursome (rounded out by drummer Aaron O'Hara) maintain an intensity similar to their past work while delving into noise rock territory. It's dark and harsh, with a heaviness that pulls you in and captivates unlike any other.

Distorted Forms somehow manages to take the stark intensity of their impeccable 2014 LP, Bloodiest/Sunniest, a step further. The new album is even denser and muddier throughout, the riffs heavier, the tones grungier and the vocals more biting. Tracks like "Swarm of Bees" and "Mercy Kill" feature punchy, staccato rhythms and an overwhelmingly anxious atmosphere.

However, Blood Sun Circle cut the tension with gorgeous melodies and airy hooks, which provide vivid contrast. "Bleeding Guide" and "Eyeless Bliss" in particular showcase the perfect balance of stunning goth rock-esque tones and soul-crushing severity. Bobby Gorham's dynamic Swans-meets-Godflesh vocals are a highlight throughout; from the soaring harmonies on "Learn to Love" to the abrasive drawl on "Hideous Twin," they are a powerful component of the exceptionally fervent Distorted Forms. - Exclaim!

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