Limited Appeal

Black Pus - All Aboard The Magic Pus

This long-awaited LP is finally finished. We agreed to put this record out a long time ago, and various issues got in the way of getting it finished.

I have to say if it were not for Covid this record would likely remain unfinished.

Black Pus is a Brian Chippendale music project outside of his band Lightening Bolt.
The covers are assembled from used record covers with affixed on artwork. A nod to Sun Ra’s record aesthetic that both Brian and we here at Limited Appeal admire and was an inspiration to our record cover assembly of the label. We took a lot of time culling through the record covers we acquired to accomplish this project. With that said you may receive a record cover that has some wear along the edge, or a saw cut to signify the previous record within the jacket was a promo. Keep in mind these jackets were from previously loved records and thus will not be perfect.

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