Robotic Empire

Battle Of Mice / Jesu - Split CD

Several years in the making, the long-awaited JESU / BATTLE OF MICE split is finally available. Each band has two exclusive, lengthy tracks on this limited edition release. JESU, comprised of the cult-followed Justin K. Broadrick, showcases "Clear Stream" and "Falling From Grace", two pieces towards the darker end of the spectrum he’s created under the JESU moniker. BATTLE OF MICE contribute the two most sinister songs they’ve recorded, "The Bishop" and "Yellow & Black". Heavier than the material found on their "A Day Of Nights" debut yet more dynamic overall, these two final (?) tracks from BATTLE OF MICE compliment the JESU material well. While both bands utilize traditional "heavy" music instruments, they are also unified by usage of keys, atmospherics, and general unique elements thrown in to vary it all. This CD is limited to a one time pressing of 2000 copies and comes housed in a "mini gatefold" CD jacket.