Bastard Noise / Outermost - Split

Studies of Space and Sorrow finds the original line-up of BASTARD NOISE (BARNES / WOOD) working with OUTERMOST KEI YOKOTA of Sapporo, Japan. This second collaborative body of work (the first being 1999's Cauldron of Fire 7" EP) is an 11-minute sound journey that takes the crisis that mankind has imposed on the Mother Earth (with all of his destructive choices) and reflects with extreme sound and lyrical/vocal imagery our current state of affairs as a failed species. Intense deep space "lunar pools" and cross attack insect war electronics (BN) + scathing, barbaric "junk electronics (Outermost) merge to produce four tracks of ruthless, lesson learning brutality that reflects the tortured society we are (unfortunately) a part of. Deep aural geography that only Bastard Noise and Outermost could produce as a collective unit. Pressed on random colored vinyl.