My Bloody Valentine - MBV

  • fully analog cut
  • deluxe gatefold tip-on and board-mounted sleeve
  • black heavyweight lp
  • set of 5 card artwork prints (264mm x 264mm)
  • download card (24-bit, 16-bit, mp3)

m b v is the third studio album by My Bloody Valentine, self-released on 2 February 2013. Produced by the band's vocalist and guitarist Kevin Shields, mbv was the band's first full-length release of original material since Loveless (1991), two decades earlier.

Continuing to push boundaries of both music and genre, m b v is an album of astonishing music, some of which could lay claim to being of a type never been made before. Otherworldly, intimate and a visceral listen, m b v is a startling and beautiful metamorphosis of what was known of the My Bloody Valentine sound, pushing the boundaries of genre unlike any other band.



  • she found now
  • only tomorrow
  • who sees you
  • is this and yes


  • if i am
  • new you
  • in another way
  • nothing is
  • wonder 2

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