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Virginia Creep - Dark Corners

Born in the sprawling suburban wastelands on the outskirts of Washington DC, Virginia Creep emerge from an unexpected hotbed of forward-thinking subversive artists.

With a rich lineage that includes bloodlines as diverse as Tideland, Pig Destroyer, A Papier Mache Monster, Nit Pic and many more, Virginia Creep sound as appropriately bipolar as the myriad divisions surrounding them.

A formidable beast spanning a multitude of heavy rock sub-genres, this quartet merges the wide ranging backgrounds and influences of J.R. Hayes (vocals), Aaron Mason (guitar), Ben Tufts (drums) and Christopher Wright (bass).

All veterans of underground/independent music, Virginia Creep treads new territory for the band members with a left-of-center, haunting melodic approach.

In 2016 their self-titled first offering was released as a limited edition cassette which sold out in just a few months. Back again with another 3 song, limited edition cassette, their sound ranges the spectrum of rock, punk, grunge and hardcore. The cassette comes with double-sided, full color artwork and includes a digital download of the full EP.

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