Karma To Burn / Sons Of Alpha Centauri – The Definitive 7" Trilogy with Booklet


Includes a 28 page booklet!

When we talk about Karma To Burn, we know all too well what to expect: powerful, instrumental stoner, that doesn't pay too much attention to small details and, well, numbers for song titles. Nevertheless, not everybody knows that the trio has been working — for several years now — together with the British band Sons Of Alpha Centauri, that shares quite a big chunk of their musical approach with their Virginia-based buddies, including of course their love for numbers used as song titles.

This cooperation resulted in a series of split releases over the years, and even in some sort of supergroup named Alpha Cat, featuring members of both bands which, unbelievably, chose actual words for their song titles. With the release of "The Definitive 7" Trilogy" (both on vinyl and CD), the German label H42 Records decided to put some order in their long history, giving fans a chance to listen to all three splits, plus some of the songs recorded as Alpha Cat.

Mystical smoke and cosmic levitation will take you through the forty-odd minutes of this collection.

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