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If It Kills You - Invisible Self

Invisible Self, the second full-length album by Bakersfield, California band If It Kills You

1) Parallel Lines
2) Cloak and Dagger
3) Negative Forces
4) Impulse Response
5) Distress Signal
6) Invisible Enemies 
7) Anti-Pattern
8) 205 Hz
9) Intruder

"'Invisible Self' was produced by Jim Ward of Sparta and At the Drive In and opening track 'Parallel Lines' features guest guitar by Shelby Cinca of Frodus. They're clearly in great company, and it's no surprise that greats like Jim and Shelby wanted to work with them; 'Parallel Lines' is a genuinely great song with a big, soaring hook that really rivals the '90s bands who influenced it."

"Produced by Jim Ward of At The Drive-In and Sparta... Soaked in intensity and radiance."
–New Noise

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