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Huata ‎– Lux Initiatrix Terrae

Seven years after their first album, HUATA is coming back from the misty forests of Argoat to deliver ''Lux Initiatrix Terrae'', a second powerful and enlightening craft. The four musicians from Britany created a mighty seven tracks record, some of them spanning for more than fifteen minutes, deeply rooted into the territories of retro-doom, occult music and progressive rock. Cyrille Gachet (YEAR OF NO LIGHT, THE GREAT OLD ONES, MARS RED SKY, CHAOS ECHOES, ETC.) has outdone himself once more and enables the many musical arrangments, vocal harmonies, details and ancient instruments (organs, harpes, hurdy-gurdies) to shine. Since their 2013 split with BITCHO, HUATA has changed and it now embraces its full potential, showing to the entire world that doom and beauty can live happily ever after. 

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