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Dion Lunadon - Com/Broke

On his first solo work, a 7″ titled Com/Broke, A Place To Bury Strangers bassist Dion Lunadon channels bands like Toy Love, the Gun Club, Gestalt, and Supercar. The title track features classic punk and hard rock sounds and macabre lyrics like “Might as well crash a car” and “I got no reason to hold on,” setting apart this this project from his work with APTBS and his band back home in New Zealand, the D4. Lunadon credits the caustic and in-your-face nature of his new solo project to rebellion: “Com/Broke is about being anti- what’s expected of someone entering their mid-life. Most people mellow out, but I don’t want that. I want to create music that is even more ugly and more real.” Rejecting the notion that getting older means that you have to tone down your work, life, and/or music, Lunadon’s response is to instead turn up the volume, distortion, and aggression. - Stereogum

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