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Occultation - Three And Seven

Occultation create music perfectly suited to this most undead time of year; eerie, haunted, ghastly reverberating hymns to double walkers and living portraits. “Eyes inside the Wall / Echoes in the Hall” V wails on ‘Shroud Of Sorrows’ and indeed this funereal stained glass heavy metal does exalt the world between.
Into their cauldron they stir Italian sinister cinema and soundtracks, the vivid colors of Suspiria, shining ornate crosses and obscure horror metal like Black Hole, Mortuary Drape, Jacula and the infamous Paul Chain. The result is a concoction both strong and subtle, not unlike Negative Plane for reasons obvious, but with more incense and less rotten corpses. The most unique album of 2012 certainly and just the beginning of this dark creation’s descent into flames.

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