Earthling - Dark Path

Dark Path' is the brazen debut from Virginia warlocks, Earthling. Possessing a haunting intricacy, Earthling has crafted an album that skillfully avoids the pitfalls of metal's current sub-genres. Harnessing a classic sound with a blazing vision, 'Dark Path' is a relentlessly cruel record that cultivates a natural mysticism. Lurking soundscapes spiral into pure sonic madness like 1980's Slayer running wild through 1990's Norway. These promising riff mongers have made a sharp first impression. A gripping listen at every turn, 'Dark Path' is a genuine pursuit of wretchedness.

“...push each part of the song decisively into the red, so that, just when the whole thing starts to wobble, they transition and regain their footing. The instability breeds the same sort of excitement as a mosh pit, where the risk of wiping out only increases the thrill of serving as a standing pinball.” - Pitchfork

"Earthling will make you want to chug beer and throw up horns in every sense. These are some tasty backwoods barnburners that have been submitted to tape, dark in form and nature yet uplifting. Crank them loud and proud." - Sludgelord

" practically at-the-altar Iron Maiden worship, with its dual guitar interplay, some riveting bass-lines that roll over like Steve Harris was channeled, and even some death and thrash folded into this exhilarating crusher. It’s really awesome how this record builds in intensity and emotion as the songs get knocked off one by one, and by the time it’s over, the band practically has grown before your eyes. And ears." - Meat Mead Metal

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