Consouling Sounds

Aiden Baker / thisquietarmy - Hypnodrone Ensemble

Hypnodrone Ensemble is a new project conceived by Aidan Baker
(Nadja, Caudal, B/B/S) and Eric Quach (a.k.a. thisquietarmy) as
part of an exclusive performance during thisquietarmy s European
tour in Spring 2014. In the last 10 years, the two prolific guitarists
have collaborated on several releases, toured together, and shared
stages numerous times in North America and Europe. The idea
was to present a collaborative, semi-improvisational piece exploring
atmospheric guitar drones and propulsive polyrhythms, joined by
Berlin-based drummers Felipe Salazar (Caudal, Muerte en Pereira),
Jérémie Mortier (Alice in the Cities), and David Dunnett (Man Meets
Bear). The performance was recorded live in front of a captivated
audience at NK, an artist residence and sound arts organization in
Berlin, to be released as their debut album.

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