Virginia Creep announces debut EP, premieres first song via The AV Club

October 06, 2016

Virginia Creep

Born in the sprawling suburban wastelands on the outskirts of Washington DC, Virginia Creep emerge from an unexpected hotbed of forward-thinking subversive artists.

With a rich lineage that includes bloodlines as diverse as Tideland, Pig Destroyer, A Papier Mache Monster, Nit Pic & many more, Virginia Creep sound as appropriately bipolar as the myriad divisions surrounding them.

A formidable beast spanning a multitude of heavy rock sub-genres, the forthcoming debut EP from this new quartet merges the wide ranging backgrounds and influences of J.R. Hayes (vocals), Aaron Mason (guitar), Ben Tufts (drums) and Christopher Wright (bass).

All veterans of underground/independent music, Virginia Creep treads new territory for the band members with a left-of-center, haunting melodic approach. Their self-titled first offering ranges the spectrum of rock, punk, grunge and hardcore within just three songs.

Opening track “Vortex” is now streaming via The AV Club, who said “while it members have a pedigree on the more extreme end of heavy music, ”Vortex” is wholly concerned with taking simple riff and twisting it in as many different directions as possible, snagging everything it can into its swirling orbit”:

AV Club Vortex Stream

Available Friday, October 28th both digitally and on cassette through long running collaborators Robotic Empire, Virginia Creep hit the ground running with a powerful first release.

The EP can be pre-ordered now via iTunes or Bandcamp with immediate download of “Vortex” (additionally, you can stream the single next Friday, October 14th via Spotify, Apple Music, etc):

EP pre-order via iTunes – iTunes Pre-Order
EP pre-order via Bandcamp – Bandcamp Pre-Order

The cassette edition comes with double-sided full color artwork, vinyl sticker and includes a digital download of the full EP, available to pre-order now via Robotic Empire’s Online Store:

Robotic Empire Online Store

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