ULTRA DOLPHINS "Mar" vinyl now available +Robotic Empire wallets, more!

November 09, 2006

It’s been a long time coming, but ULTRA DOLPHINS‘ debut album MAR is finally upon us, and the vinyl for this beast turned out pretty freakin’ crucial! While the CD is now available in stores and distros across the land, the vinyl won’t really surface elsewhere until November 21st… so we’re the only place to pick up this thing right now. We made 1200 copies of MAR on vinyl, and couldn’t be too much happier with the results. Here’s what we wrote about the album for those who don’t know about it yet:

ULTRA DOLPHINS debut album, briefly titled MAR, represents a fairly major departure from the band’s previous spazz-oriented, garage band freak-outs. Without losing focus on songwriting, the off-kilter structures move continually forward building up frantic but calculated momentum. Several piano tracks accompany drums and noisy guitars along with well-placed vocal melodies. The result is a dizzying but somehow unified listening experience which features a band at the height of their creative prowess. The packaging for this thing is equally intense, with a nice full-color jacket and large 12-page song book. A solid debut album to say the least, and a true masterpiece to say the most!

You can sample 3 different MP3s from this behemoth here and/or here.

If you’ve read enough and know you want this, please hit up the Robotic Empire – Online Store.

We’re guessing the vinyl fanatics will want to know pressing info, so here it is. A total of 1200 copies of this beast were made:

* CLEAR VINYL w/ RED HALO: 200 copies

Want proof that this thing turned out jawesome? PHOTOS!

The “metallic” opaque gold vinyl has some opaque silver streaks thrown in for good measure, the clear vinyl has a translucent red “halo” which looks weird but awesome, and the translucent orange vinyl pretty much looks like a Jolly Rancher.

So now you’ve probably decided whether you want this or not, and if the answer is “yes” (and we hope it is because we bought a lot of LP mailers), please head on over to the Robotic Empire – Online Store to order.

We like making random merch as well, so we printed up some wallets with our logo(s) on it! Yep, we shelled out the big bucks and got black American Apparel-brand wallets printed up with white ink on them featuring two old Robotic Empire logos revamped just for this jam. Keep your money safe in (weird) style, as this thing is pretty much top-notch!

And if all this wasn’t quite enough, we keep on adding new stuff and re-stocking the Online Store, so here’s the latest on that front:


* Black Army Jacket – “222” 12″ (Chainsaw Safety) – $10.00
* Career Suicide – “Anthology Vol. 2” CD (Deranged) – $11.00
* Career Suicide – “Self-Titled” 12″ (Deranged) – $11.00
* Celebrity Murders – “Time To Kill Space” CD (Chainsaw Safety) – $11.00
* Circle Of Dead Children – “Zero Comfort Margin – COLORED VINYL” 10″ (Willowtip) – $12.00
* Crotchduster – “Big Fat Box of Shit” CD (Willowtip) – $9.00
* Crowpath – “Son of Sulfer” CD (Willowtip) – $9.00
* Deathcycle – “Self-Titled” CD (Chainsaw Safety) – $10.00
* Electro Quarterstaff – “Gretzky” CD (Willowtip) – $10.00
* Eyehategod – “Preaching The End Time Message” CD (Emetic) – $10.00
* Forbes Graham (ex-Kayo Dot) – “Everybodys Gone” CD-R (Self Released) – $8.00
* Fucked Up – “Generations – Mix Tape” Cassette (Deranged) – $7.00
* Fucked Up – “Hidden World” 2×12″ (Deranged) – $18.00
* Gorod – “Leading” CD (Willowtip) – $10.00
* Hawg Jaw – “Dont Trust Nobody” CD (Emetic) – $10.00
* Kalibas – “Enthusiastic Corruption Of The Common Good” CD (Willowtip) – $8.00
* Left For Dead – “Live” 12″ (Deranged) – $11.00
* Nachtmystium – “Instinct: Decay – GREEN VINYL” 12″ (Profound Lore) – $12.00
* Nachtmystium – “Instinct: Decay – CLEAR VINYL” 12″ (Profound Lore) – $12.00
* Necrophagist – “Onset Of Putrefaction” CD (Willowtip) – $9.00
* Robotic Empire – “Logo(s)” Wallet (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Rune – “The End Of Nothing” CD (Willowtip) – $9.00
* Stephen Brodsky / Ramona Cordova – “Split” CD (ECA) – $9.00
* Sulaco – “Tearing Through the Roots” CD (Willowtip) – $10.00
* Ultra Dolphins – “Mar – GOLD VINYL” 12″ (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Ultra Dolphins – “Mar – CLEAR VINYL” 12″ (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Ultra Dolphins – “Mar – ORANGE VINYL” 12″ (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
* Xiu Xiu – “Live” CD (Nail In The Coffin) – $8.00

Thanks folks, enjoy the new tunes! -Robotic Empire Mailorder Dudes

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