TONS of gear for sale: amps, guitars, pedals, a turntable… Marshall, Sovtek, Fender, etc

March 05, 2010

Selling what is likely a literal “boatload” of music equipment / gear / etc.

* Audio Technica at-pl120 Direct Drive Turntable pl 120 (BRAND NEW & UNOPENED Professional Stereo Turntable)
* 1974 Marshall JMP MK II !! vintage guitar amplifier (“50w bass” tube head! 35 photos + video of this BEAUTY!)
* SOVTEK MIG 100 guitar amplifier head tube amp (vintage Russian import, extremely powerful MIG100-U amp)
* SOVTEK MIG 50 guitar amplifier head tube amp (LOW SERIAL#! Excellent condition vintage Russia import)
* SOVTEK MIG-50 guitar amp head in a WOOD SHELL! (super fancy Russian MIG50 guitar amplifier in WOOD CASE)
* SUNN rare Alpha 115 combo amp (bass / guitar) amplifier (Killer vintage combo amp head)
* Yamaha JX30B Guitar combo Amplifier amp vintage (Awesome/mysterious combo amp IMPORT! not many stateside)
* 1994 Fender Stratocaster Guitar USA made! (40th Anniversary edition, American made. GREAT red strat)
* IBANEZ – RG Series 200 b guitar (rg220b) repair / parts
* TV Jones classic neck pickup filtertron Filter’Tron NR!
* Mesa Boogie STR-440 6L6 Power Tubes (matching set pair)
* AUDIBLE DISEASE Rupture RP-1 Feedback Looper (akin to “Total Sonic Annihilation” by Death By Audio)
* BOSS Chromatic Tuner TU-2 Guitar Pedal TU2
* BOSS Compression Sustainer CS-3 guitar pedal CS3
* BOSS Digital Delay DD-5 guitar pedal DD5
* BOSS Digital Reverb / Delay RV-3 guitar pedal RV3
* BOSS Distortion DS-1 guitar effect pedal unknown origin
* BOSS Dynamic Filter FT-2 guitar pedal FT2 – JAPAN!
* BOSS Equalizer GE-7 guitar EQ pedal GE7
* BOSS Flanger BF-2 guitar pedal with box BF2
* BOSS Line Selector LS-2 guitar pedal with box
* BOSS Metal Zone MT-2 guitar pedal MT2 heavy distortion
* BOSS SUPER Octave OC-3 guitar pedal BOX ONLY oc3 manual
* BOSS SUPER Phaser PH-2 guitar pedal with box
* DANELECTRO Corned Beef Reverb guitar pedal with box + AC adapter
* DIGITECH Whammy WH-4 guitar pedal multi-effects MIDI iv
* DOD Classic Fuzz FX52 guitar pedal Big Muff clone
* DOD Grunge FX69B guitar pedal distortion overdrive
* DOD Stereo Chorus FX60 vintage guitar pedal fx 60
* ELECTRO-HARMONIXballs twin dynamic filter pedal
* ELECTRO-HARMONIX Deluxe Big Muff pedal / project, parts
* ELECTRO-HARMONIX Holy Grail Reverb guitar pedal – with box + AC adapter
* IBANEZ distortion guitar pedal – mysterious overdrive…
* IBANEZ Delay / Echo DE7 guitar pedal effects
* IBANEZ Fuzz FZ7 guitar pedal with box. Tone-Lok Effects
* JIM DUNLOP Cry Baby Wah Wah guitar pedal Model GCB-95
* JIM DUNLOP MXR Blue Box M-103 guitar pedal octave fuzz
* PROCO Turbo Rat distortion guitar pedal pro co USA
* Toneworks – KORG Ax1000G multi-effects guitar processor

No reserve on anything & each auction starts at just 99 cents. Everything ends Sunday, March 14th.

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