THREE new releases available now: KAYO DOT, PINK RAZORS, PAGENINETYNINE !!!

December 05, 2005

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Hello again everyone, this could be considered a bit overdue (and it is) but we have been traveling a lot lately, mostly on tour with thrash-merchants Municipal Waste, so apologies for delays. Enough of that though, let’s get down to business because a lot is going on:

* New Releases *
KAYO DOT – Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue CD
This is not available to stores and distros until January 10th, but the band has just completed a 7-week tour with this massive album and we want to make it available to the general public ASAP because this thing is incredible. Five tracks spanning 60 minutes of some of the most interesting, unique and downright powerful music that the intelligent & extreme underground music worlds have seen in years. We always hype things up, yes, but this deserves the praise and much, much more. Click here for more descriptive info, MP3s, and/or to order:

PINK RAZORS – Waiting To Wash Up CD
Again, not available to stores and distros until January 10th but we wanted you to have access to this blistering album ASAP! It’s 15 tracks of furiously catchy punk rock all in roughly 22 minutes, so as you can tell, not a single song breaks the two-minute mark. Incredible songwriting, incredible hooks, incredible lyrics… you might go as far as calling this debut album “incredible”. But don’t just take our word for it, click here to listen to MP3s, read our snazzy description and/or order this badass jam:

PAGENINETYNINE – Document #8 (reissue) CD and limited LP
The coffin is still firmly nailed shut, but that didn’t stop us, or the band, or engineer Kurt Ballou (from some little band called Convey or something) from diving head-first back into the original reels and fully re-mix and re-master this baby from the ground up. The drums sound way better, the basses can actually be heard instead of just felt and other elements have been toned up as well. However, this wasn’t done for people who already own the album… honestly, it doesn’t sound THAT different (just, better) but it was done for all those who don’t yet have this essential album… considered by many to be the band’s best release. We went all out on this one too, the CD version is housed in a beautiful deluxe digipak with expanded 16-page booklet, and the LP version comes in a hand-screened cover with a variety of limited colors available. A more formal description, MP3 and ordering info can be found here:

(The PG.99 vinyl will probably go pretty dern fast, but we will have vinyl versions of the KAYO DOT and PINK RAZORS albums in the coming months as well)

* Online Store Updates*
Well being on tour didn’t stop us from trading for a TON of awesome new releases and restocks from some of today’s raddest independent labels. We also hunted down the somewhat infamous tech/chaos band THE SAWTOOTH GRIN and extracted all remaining copies of their pummeling “Cuddlemonster” CD (yep, we’re the only distro now that has any copies at all) as well as about a million other rad items, including but not limited to:

A Day In Black And White / Navies – “Split” 10″ (Level Plane) – $8.00
A Life Once Lost – “Open Your Mouth For The Speechless” CD (Robotic Empire) – $10.00
Arsis – “A Diamond For Disease” CDep (Willowtip) – $8.00
Bionic – “Deliverance” CD (Thorp) – $8.00
Brain Failure – “American Dreamer” CD (Thorp) – $8.00
Circle of Dead Children – “Exotic Sense Decay” CDep (Willowtip) – $8.00
Coliseum / Doomriders – “Split” CDep (Level Plane) – $7.00
Constellations – “Sistering” CDep (CNP) – $10.00
Converge – “Unloved and Weeded Out” CD (Deathwish) – $10.00
Crotchduster – “Big Fat Box of Shit” CD (Willowtip) – $9.00
Crowpath – “Son of Sulfer” CD (Willowtip) – $9.00
Dispensing of False Halos – “Growing Up, Giving In” CD (Init) – $9.00
Dispensing of False Halos – “With Prayers and a Scalpel” CD (Init) – $9.00
DJ Renaldo / Partyman – “Split” CD-R (CNP) – $4.00
Doomriders – “Black Thunder” CD (Deathwish) – $10.00
Ducky Boys, The – “Three Chords and the Truth” CD (Thorp) – $8.00
Fordirelifesake – “Breathing Is Only Half The Function” CD (Forge Again) – $8.00
Fordirelifesake – “Breathing Is Only Half The Function” 12″ (Forge Again) – $8.00
Fordirelifesake – “Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend” CD (Thorp) – $8.00
Funeral Diner – “The Underdark” CD (Alone) – $9.00
Gospel – “The Moon Is A Dead World” CD (Level Plane) – $9.00
Gospel – “The Moon Is A Dead World” 12″ (Level Plane) – $9.00 (colored vinyl)
Holy Bible – “Self-Titled” Cassette (Fuckittapes) – $6.00
Kayo Dot – “Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue” Poster (Robotic Empire) – $1.00
Kill The Client – “Escalation of Hostility” CD (Willowtip) – $9.00
Killing The Dream – “In Place, Apart” CD (Deathwish) – $10.00
Kojak – “Crash Motherfucker” CD (CNP) – $10.00
Meneguar – “I Was Born At Night 2” Cassette (Fuckittapes) – $6.00
Meth & Goats – “Attack From Meth & Goats Mountain” CD (Electric Human Proj.) – $8.00
Meth & Goats – “Attack From Meth & Goats Mountain” 12″ (Electric Human Proj.) – $8.00
Municipal Waste – “Hazardous Mutation” CD (Earache) – $10.00
Neil Perry – “Lineage Situation” 2xCD (Level Plane) – $12.00
Neurosis – “Souls At Zero” CD (Neurot) – $10.00
New Breed, The – “Off The Beaten Path” CD (Thorp) – $8.00
One AM Radio, The – “On The Shore Of The Wide World” 12″ (Level Plane) – $8.00 (color)
Otesanek – “Self-Titled” CD (Electric Human Proj.) – $8.00
Phoenix Bodies / Enkephalin – “Split” CD (Init) – $9.00
Phoenix Bodies / Enkephalin – “Split” 12″ (Slave Union) – $8.00
Pig Destroyer – “Painter Of Dead Girls” 12″ (Robotic Empire) – $5.00 (cover damage discount)
Premonitions of War / Benumb – “Split” CD (Thorp) – $8.00
Rats Into Robots – “A Column Of Smoke By Day” CD (Slave Union) – $8.00
Rats Into Robots – “A Column Of Smoke By Day” 12″ (Slave Union) – $8.00
Saddest Landscape, The – “A Promise Was Made” 10″ (Alone) – $8.00
Sail – “Self-Titled” Cassette (Fuckittapes) – $6.00
Saviours – “Warship” CDep (Level Plane) – $6.00
Saviours – “Warship” 12″ (Level Plane) – $8.00
Sawtooth Grin, The – “Cuddlemonster” CD (Self Released) – $9.00
Sawtooth Grin, The – “Logo” Sticker (Self Released) – $0.50
Shikari / Louise Cyphre – “Split” 9″ (Level Plane) – $9.00
Silver Ninjas – “Night Wars” CD-R (CNP) – $4.00
Snack Truck – “Harpoon” CD (Perpetual Motion) – $8.00
Spirit of Versailles – “Discography” 2xCD (Init) – $14.00
Suppression – “Release The Pirana” CD (Underadar) – $8.00
Torche – “Self-Titled” Poster (Robotic Empire) – $1.00
Torche – “Tour w/ Kylesa, Coliseum” Poster (Robotic Empire) – $1.00
Transistor Transistor / Light The Fuse And Run – “Split” CD (Level Plane) – $8.00
United States – “Self-Titled” Cassette (Fuckittapes) – $6.00
Vulgar Pigeons – “Burning Episode” CD (Deep Send) – $9.00
Vulgar Pigeons – “Imperialism” CD (Willowtip) – $9.00
Wednesdays, The – “Invisible Youth” CD (Thorp) – $8.00
Yes Sirs, The – “2-Man Rhythm Disaster” CD-R (CNP) – $3.00
Various Artists – “Anti-Social Hurt Yourself Jams” CD-R (CNP) – $4.00
Various Artists – “Robotic Empire – Sampler 1” CD (Robotic Empire) – $4.00
Various Artists – “Supersonic Sounds From The Fuck You Movement” CD (CNP) – $10.00

As you might’ve noticed, some of our older releases are in there as well. Well we just cleaned our office and found a few copies of some random stuff (Robotic Empire Sampler #1, A Life Once Lost – Open Your Mouth For The Speechless CD reissue) so if you want them and/or any of the rest of this burly music, we highly implore you to head on over to our Online Store and order away… because the holidays are coming and we’re going to stop processing orders on the 20th (or so) so we can go visit family and all that. So that gives you roughly two weeks to stock up on obscure independent music to blast in front of the ‘rents, thus ruining Christmas. Or not, we don’t know what holidays our customers may or may not celebrate. We don’t think much about demographics and don’t even really consider you “customers” anyway… more like rabid music fans like us, and that’s why we try to keep our prices cheap (remember, all those prices listed above are US Media Mail postage paid [by us! ]). But look, now Robotic Empire is rambling and it’s more important that we not waste any more of your time. That being said, you can also un-subscribe to this list (or order killer music) on the front page of our Online Store:

* Tours *
But wait, there’s more! TORCHE is back on the road again after just catching their breath following their full US tour with the massive groups KYLESA and COLISEUM. These guys just don’t know how to slow down, already having recorded the better half of a brand new album! That’s right folks, start salivating now because come Spring or Summer we are going to have TORCHE’s next record in your hands. And don’t it beat all, but the new material is simply INCREDIBLE! Spring or Summer… that sure sounds great right about now… but until then the only way you can hear these unbelievably awesome new jams is to catch them live:

December 4 – Charlotte, NC @ Milestone – w/ Horse Thief
December 5 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Wetlands
December 6 – Richmond, VA @ Nanci Raygun – w/ Municipal Waste, Misery Index
December 7 – Washington, DC @ Warehouse Nextdoor – w/ Pygmy Lush, Flowers in The Attic
December 8 – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Artspace
December 9 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church – w/ Strike Anywhere, Paint It Black
December 10 – Boston, MA @ Mass Art – w/ Backstabbers Inc.
December 11 – Providence, RI @ Living Room – w/ Unearth
December 12 – Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place
December 13 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
December 14 – Columbus, OH @ High Five Bar
December 15 – Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
December 16 – Detroit, MI @ Alvin’s
December 17 – Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen – w/ Sweet Cobra
December 18 – Indianapolis, IN @ Secret Location
December 19 – Nashville, TN @ The End – w/ Cave In, Doomriders
December 20 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
December 21 – Birmingham, AL @ Cave 9
December 23 – Gainesville, FL @ The Atlantic

OK so now this is getting ridiculous and we refuse to clog up your inbox any further. In the next few days we hope to get the main page of our website updated so you can know all the haps with all our bands, as well as the updated info on upcoming releases from GRAILS, RED SPAROWES, CAPSULE, ULTRA DOLPHINS and more. Keep an eye out on but in the meantime definitely hit up our Online Store for all the latest in our new releases:

Thank you for reading all of this! -Robotic Empire

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