ROBOTIC OBSCURITIES launched – rare/unreleased/demo/live MP3s, videos, etc!

December 13, 2008

After being a record label for nearly 10 years, Robotic Empire has accumulated a lot of obscure, rare, demo, live and/or otherwise unreleased or hard-to-find audio. This mostly pertains to the bands and artists we’ve worked with over the years, and now we’ve set up a site to share some of these rarities with everyone, free of charge.

ROBOTIC OBSCURITIES is what we’re calling it; a blog with detailed postings surrounding some of the projects we’ve been a part of over the years. You can check it out here:

To kick this off right, a decent amount of stuff has been posted to start, and this is what’s up so far:

* PIG DESTROYER – full live set video from 1999, and other old clips (including one of TREBLINKA, the pre-PxDx band who only played one show)
* VERSOMA – Life During Wartime demos
* GODS & QUEENS – two non-album tracks
* GARUDA – Cold Wired Sentiment (OOP CDep from the band who opened up our “Mutation” CD comp)
* HISSING CHOIR – first show audio (3 live songs) +bonus stuff

Although this will probably be updated slowly, there’s lots of additional material on the horizon. I’ve also tried to give as much background info behind the material posted as I can recall, to keep the archiving of this stuff as informative as possible.


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