ROBOTIC EMPIRE – Online Store Update – New items & restocks

October 26, 2009

This week’s update for the Robotic Empire – Online Store is mostly encompassed of Import vinyl and CDs. A variety of genres are covered here, pretty much heavy stuff from across the board. Hardcore, grind, screamo, black metal and more… here’s the latest:

* About Face – Self-Titled – 1-SIDED VINYL 7″ (Bear Distro) $7.99
* Black Anvil – Time Insults The Mind 12″ (Monumentum) $13.99
* Black Cross – Widows Bloody Widows CD (Reflections) $11.99
* Blacklisted – The Beat Goes On CD (Reflections) $11.99
* Call Me Betty / Werewolves – Split – PINK COLORED VINYL 7″ (Bear Distro) $4.99
* Cursed – III, Architects Of Troubled Sleep CD (Reflections) $11.99
* Elder – Reflect – YELLOW BLACK COLORED VINYL 12″+CD (Forge Again) $11.99
* Fell Voices – Self-Titled 12″ (Human Resources) $12.99
* Hellshock – Only The Dead Know The End Of War – PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Yellow Dog) $13.99
* Her Breath On Glass – What We Left Behind (Singles Collection) 12″ (Bear Distro) $9.99
* Her Breath On Glass – What We Left Behind (Singles Collection) Cassette (Bear Distro) $4.99
* Her Breath On Glass – What We Left Behind (Singles Collection) CD (Bear Distro) $7.99
* Iron Age – Constant Struggle 12″ (Reflections) $13.99
* Memento Mori – Self-Titled 7″ (Agipunk) $4.99
* Nihill – Krach 2×12″ (Monumentum) $15.99
* Only Living Witness – Prone Mortal Form / Innocents 2×12″ (Reflections) $15.99
* Trash Talk – Self-Titled 12″ (Reflections) $13.99
* Unholy Grave – Grindignation – BLUE BLACK SMEAR COLORED VINYL 7″ (Death Agonies & Screams) $8.99
* Vitamin X – Full Scale Assault 12″ (Tank Crimes) $13.99
* Werewolves – Grind Melon CD (Bear Distro) $7.99
* Wolfbrigade – Prey To The World 12″ (Unrest) $13.99
* Wyqm – Self-Titled – YELLOW WITH BLACK SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12″ (Death Agonies & Screams) $9.99

* Elder – Self-Titled 10”+CD (Forge Again) $10.99
* Kayo Dot / Bloody Panda – Split 12″ *COLORED VINYL* (Holy Roar) $14.99
* Thou – Malfeasance / Retribution 10” *VINYL* (Feast Of Tentacles) $16.99

Pretty skinny overall this time around, but that’s chill considering the size of last week’s update. Also, to everyone who’s pre-ordered the FLOOR box set thus far, we’ve recently updated the website covering the progress of this beast so check that out if you’ve pre-ordered the box set. Under 150 copies remain available, so please hit it up here if you’re interested.

And last but definitely not least, we’re bringing another band onto the label. ACROSS TUNDRAS will see their next full-length, Old World Wanderer, released by us as a 12″+CD in early 2010 and we’re pretty psyched about it. There’s a lot more to be said about this (including a link to free-download their last release in its entirety), so we encourage you to click here to read more.

p.s. we’ve also started adding new & old Robo songs for free download via GimmeSound. This site reminds us of olden days of free-MP3-yore (, hxcmp3, etc), so hopefully we can eventually stack this page out as much as we blanketed those old sites way back when. Mostly newer stuff is up there now (including a few things not previously available for download) so check it out when you get a chance.

Thanks / peace!
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