ROBOTIC EMPIRE ONLINE STORE: $1.01 off all "large format" vinyl!

February 27, 2009

Short and sweet: All large format vinyl (10″, 11″, 12″, 2×12″, etc) in the Robotic Empire – Online Store is at least $1.01 off until March 8th. Many many items are reduced significantly more, so please check out the site to see everything on sale. All CDs are in the same boat too (-$1.01 in price), so please pick something up if you can. We’re gearing up for a major move and need to get as much stuff out of here as possible before relocating the Online Store to the other side of the country!

For anyone who hasn’t kept up with what’s going on with us and the latest updates, it can be summed up pretty well here.

Come March 15th we’re gonna have to STOP shipping orders until the mailorder operation is re-established in Olympia, Washington. Orders will still be accepted after March 15th but will most likely take a month+ to ship out from the date you order. Please get your orders in now if you want your stuff in a timely manner, otherwise your patience will be appreciated while we haul all this stuff from one side of the country to the other in early April!

Some 11th hour stragglers:


* Raein – Ogni Nuovo Inizio – 1-SIDED WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Sons of Vesta) – $15.99

* Tideland – Self-Titled CASSETTE (Self Released) – $4.99

* Windmills By The Ocean – Self-Titled DAMAGED 12″ (Robotic Empire) – $5.99


* Cannabis Corpse – Blunted At Birth CD (Forcefield) – $9.99

* Her Breath On Glass / Khere – Split 10” PINK COLORED VINYL (Sons of Vesta) – $14.99

* La Quiete – Self-Titled 7” BLACK VINYL (Sons of Vesta) – $5.99

* La Quiete – Self-Titled 7” WHITE COLORED VINYL (Sons of Vesta) – $6.99

* Tideland – Self-Titled CD-R (Self Released) – $4.99

* Verse En Coma – Rialto – TAN COLORED VINYL 10″+CD (Robotic Empire) – $16.99

* Verse En Coma – Rialto – WHITE w/ BLUE SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 10″+CD (Robotic Empire) – $19.99

You may notice the handful of color vinyl VERSE EN COMA 10″+CDs restocked there… those are some seemingly-cursed copies that got shipped to the wrong address and took us OVER SIX MONTHS to get back. Major thumbs-down to the jerk who lives there giving us no help whatsoever! Anyway, we raised the price a couple bucks on those for the hell we had to go through to get them back. Get one now or forever hold your piece.

Please consider picking something up from us if you can, and this “large vinyl” sale will end March 8th. Peace!

Robotic Empire – Online Store

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