Robotic Empire Mega Rad Distro Update and Nirvana Tribute song premiers!

March 29, 2016

Just before we close out the month of March, we’re squeezing this kickass distro update in for you! There’s so many goodies it’ll be hard not to talk about each and every one of them but here goes…

First up we’ll mention 2 side businesses run by label manager Lindsay that I’m sure a lot of you guys have noticed flyers and stickers for in your orders. Wortcunner Records was started in 2015 so that the amazing ambient albums by Brooklyn band 1 Mile North, could be released on vinyl for the very first time. We’ve got both those 180 gram colored vinyl records in the shop now so give a listen and pick up those deluxe offerings. Zeep Piercing Aftercare is yet another side project and since we know some of you folks have piercings and gauged ears, well these balms might be just the thing you need to enhance your piercing experience and they are great on tattoos too. All hand harvested ingredients and on horseback to boot!

Alright, after that shameless self promotion the Chelsea Wolfe catalog we carry has increased immensely. Love, love, love us some Chelsea Wolfe so we’re stoked to have these available for you to purchase if you don’t own them already. The new Body 2×12″ arrived yesterday and we’ve got copies on pink colored vinyl. Picked up some great vinyl from Willowtip Records out in Pennsylvania, one of which is the CrowpathRed on Chrome which comes on heavy 200 gram vinyl! Some out of the ordinary items for us to carry would be the Makaya McCraven album that just recently came out on International Anthem. Gorgeous packaging and some highly enjoyable jazzy tunes. Please give the bandcamp sound samples a listen. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings is a personal favorite over here so we’re starting off with the Dap-Dippin album and hope to pick up a few more albums in April. This woman has got some voice on her! If you enjoy The Alabama Shakes, give Sharon Jones a try. Many other goodies in that New Items list but we’ll let you discover them yourselves in the Robotic Empire Online Store

The restock list is quite beefy itself with highlights being a heck of a lot of Deathwish Records restocks, Old Man Gloom and Wrekmeister Harmonies. Forcefield Records sent us more Windhand and Yajuta and that pricey (but well worth it) Year Of No Light import is back again. Glance through these lists below and we hope you find something interesting to put on the turntable.

Thanks again for all the Hollow Sunshine cassette orders, those should all be arriving to everyone by now and we know you’ll enjoy that one. There’s an alternate color version of the patch that was included in that tape set, it’s on tan cloth and sold separate in case folks are interested in dressing up a jacket or a bag for this spring/summer etc. We just placed that up for sale on the Robotic Empire Online Store so head over and give it a look.

In Record Store Day news, we’ve got some great premieres going on for the upcoming, third! Nirvana tribute LP, “Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach”. English rock band Basement unveil their tribute to Nirvana‘s “Bleach”-era classic, ‘School’ via The AV Club:

AV Club’s Basement Premiere

Then we’ve got Circa Survive premiering their cover of ‘Love Buzz’, originally written/performed by Shocking Blue but made infamous by Nirvana. Alternative Press is streaming the song now along with a brief Q&A with the band:

Alternative Press Streams Love Buzz

Digital pre-orders are up now and aside from Google Play, all the pre-orders below include an immediate download of the Circa Survive and Basement tracks:

i Tunes



Google Play

And now here’s the full distro update lists below!

New Items
1 Mile North – Glass Wars – 180 GRAM CLEAR COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Wortcunner) $24.99
1 Mile North – Minor Shadows – 180 GRAM WHITE COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Wortcunner) $24.99
Blood Brothers, The – Burn, Piano Island, Burn – YELLOW COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Second Nature) $27.99
Body, The – No One Deserves Happiness – PINK COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Thrill Jockey) $19.99
Bonnie Prince Billy – Pond Scum 12″ (Drag City) $21.99
Chelsea Wolfe – Apokalypsis 12″ (Sargent House) $18.99
Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss 2×12″ (Sargent House) $24.99
Chelsea Wolfe – Pain is Beauty 2×12″ (Sargent House) $24.99
Chelsea Wolfe – The Grime And The Glow 12″ (Sargent House) $18.99
Converge – Thousands Of Miles Between Us DVD (Deathwish) $9.99
Crowpath – Red On Chrome – 200 GRAM VINYL 12″ (Willowtip) $9.99
Defeated Sanity – Passages Into Deformity 12″ (Willowtip) $9.99
Esben and the Witch – A New Nature 2×12″ (Nostromo) $27.99
Hollow Sunshine – Burning – TAN Patch (Robotic Empire) $3.99
Impaled – The Dead Still Dead Remain 2×12″ (Willowtip) $9.99
Makaya McCraven – In The Moment 2×12″ (International Anthem) $29.99
Mogwai – Rave Tapes 12″ (Sub Pop) $9.99
Passing Phases – Another Side Cassette (Sterling) $4.99
Plug Primer – Piercing Balm (Zeep Piercing Aftercare) $9.99
Raw Blow – Slow Choke 7″ (Tor Johnson) $4.99
Self Defense Family – The Corrections Officer In Me – RED COLORED VINYL 12″ (Family Drugs) $9.99
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Dap-Dippin 12″ (Daptone) $17.99
Stretch Up Salve – Piercing Balm (Zeep Piercing Aftercare) $7.99
Towers – Bel Air Highrise Plantation Cassette (Forward Fast) $5.99
Ulcerate – Everything Is Fire 12″ (Willowtip) $15.99
Wormed – Exodromos 12″ (Willowtip) $9.99

Blacklisted – When People Grow, People Go 12” *WHITE COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Body, The – No One Deserves Happiness 2×12” *PINK COLORED VINYL* (Thrill Jockey) $19.99
Catalyst, The – Voyager 12” *ORANGE COLORED VINYL* (Forcefield) $12.99
Code Orange Kids – I Am King 12” *10 GRAM BLACK VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Coliseum – Anxiety’s Kiss 12” *SILVER COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $9.99
Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind 2×12” *VINYL* (Deathwish) $19.99
Converge – Axe To Fall 12” *OPAQUE YELLOW COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $11.99
Cult Leader – Lightless Walk 12” *WHITE COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $9.99
Cult Leader – Nothing For Us Here 12” *BROWN COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $9.99
Doomriders – Grand Blood 12” *PURPLE COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $9.99
Ed Gein – Bad Luck 12” *COLORED VINYL* (Black Market) $9.99
Envy – Atheist’s Cornea 12” *VINYL* (Temporary Residence) $9.99
Loma Prieta – I.V. 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Loma Prieta – Life/Less 12” *VINYL* (Discos Huelga) $9.99
Loma Prieta – Self Portrait 12” *WHITE COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $9.99
Old Man Gloom – The Ape of God 033 (A) 12” *VINYL* (Sige) $19.99
Old Man Gloom – The Ape of God 034 (B) 12” *VINYL* (Sige) $19.99
Sed Non Satiata – Mappo 12” *RED WITH SILVER COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $9.99
Self Defense Family – Heaven Is Earth 12” *WHITE SILVER COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $9.99
Sumac – The Deal 2×12” *VINYL* (Thrill Jockey) $28.99
Thou / The Body – You, Whom I Have Always Hated 12” *VINYL* (Thrill Jockey) $17.99
Trap Them – SÈance Prime: The Complete Recordings 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Windhand – Self-Titled 12” *VINYL* (Forcefield) $9.99
Wrekmeister Harmonies – Night of Your Ascension 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Thrill Jockey) $19.99
Wrekmeister Harmonies – Then It All Came Down 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Thrill Jockey) $19.99
Wrekmeister Harmonies – You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me 12” *VINYL* (Thrill Jockey) $19.99
Yautja – Songs of Descent 12” *VINYL* (Forcefield) $9.99
Yautja – Songs of Lament 12” *VINYL* (Forcefield) $9.99
Year Of No Light – Tocsin 2×12” *VINYL* (Debemur Morti) $33.99

Thanks for reading everyone! Robotic Empire Online Store

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