Robotic Empire Makes Latest Sampler CD Available For Free Download

April 28, 2006

Richmond, Virginia’s Robotic Empire has made the label’s latest sampler CD available for free download in it’s entirety via This free sampler has a total of 17 tracks, most of which are unavailable elsewhere, including previously unreleased songs from Torche, Ultra Dolphins, Red Sparowes, Pygmy Lush, Grails, Versoma and more. Here is the full track listing:

01. TORCHE – In Return (from forthcoming album)
02. ULTRA DOLPHINS – Matthew O’Connor (from “Mar” CD/LP)
03. ULTRA DOLPHINS – If You Will (from “Mar” CD/LP)
04. VERSOMA – Gods & Queens (from “Life During Wartime” CDep/LP)
05. PINK RAZORS – Sew It Seams (from “Waiting To Wash Up” CD/LP)
06. PINK RAZORS – Get Out Of The Shower (from “Waiting To Wash Up” CD/LP)
07. PYGMY LUSH – Long Pause (from forthcoming album)
08. CAPSULE – You Will Need (from “Self-Titled” Cassette)
09. MAGRUDERGRIND – Siphon Then Slit (from “Split” CD/LP w/ Shitstorm)
10. SHITSTORM – Desensitized (from “Split” CD/LP w/ Magrudergrind)
11. THE CATALYST – Panic Don’t Panic (from “Two Thousand Six Six Six” Cassette)
12. PYGMY LUSH – Send Bombs (from forthcoming album)
13. GREGOR SAMSA – Young & Old (from “Split” CD/LP w/ Red Sparowes)
14. GRAILS – Black Tar Prophecy (from “Split” LP w/ Red Sparowes)
15. WINDMILLS BY THE OCEAN – Untitled (from “Self-Titled” CD/LP)
16. KAYO DOT – Aura On An Asylum Wall (from “Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tonuge” CD/LP)
17. RED SPAROWES – Like The Howling Glory… (from “Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun” 2xLP, CD on Neurot)

The MP3s have been encoded in 192kbs for a high quality, and the label is very excited to make this sampler available for free in its entirety both digitally and on CD. The CD version will be available everywhere starting with Torche’s upcoming tour dates with Mogwai, which kicks off May 11th in Philadelphia, PA. Otherwise, they will be available from other touring Robotic Empire bands and given out free with mailorders through Robotic Empire’s Online Store. Here is the direct link to the sampler’s download page: Empire Sampler CD

For the previously unreleased tracks, the scheduled street dates for the full-album releases are as follows:

MAY 23:
* Red Sparowes / Gregor Samsa – “Split” CD (CD version of the split LP that sold out in roughly 2 days)

JUNE 20:
* Kayo Dot – “Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue” 2xLP (CD version out now)

* Versoma – “Life During Wartime” CDep/LP (new Anodyne, Lickgoldensky, Hot Cross, Orchid band. More free samples can be heard at )
* Windmills By The Ocean – “Self-Titled” CD/LP (Bryant Clifford Meyer of Isis/Red Sparowes solo project with friends from Anodyne/27)

SEPT 12:
* Ultra Dolphins – “Mar” CD/LP (“Why Are You Laugh” collection CD out now)
* Red Sparowes – “Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun” 2xLP (CD on Neurot)

OTHERS in the midst of all this:
* The Catalyst – “Two Thousand Six Six Six” Cassette
* Pink Razors – “Waiting To Wash Up” LP (CD version out now)
* Pygmy Lush – Debut CD/LP (new PG.99/Mannequin band)
* Red Sparowes / Grails – “Split” LP (in production now)
* Ultra Dolphins – “Why Are You Laugh” LP (CD version out now)

As you can see, this is shaping up to be an insanely busy year for us, but we are very excited about all of the bands we are working with, both new and already established. We’ve embraced the usage of MP3s to help spread the word about our bands’ since the format’s inception, and figured this was a great and easy way to let everyone hear what Robotic Empire has planned for 2006. Thank you, and enjoy!

p.s. for those with fairly nice printers, a printable version of this sampler’s artwork is available here.

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