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November 22, 2008

Well folks the absurd holiday insanity is already rearing its ugly head here in the USA, and in order to avoid a post-office kamikaze we’re “shutting down” the Robotic Empire – Online Store early this year. Come December 10th we can no longer guarantee orders will arrive in time for Christmas. That’s right, if you want a present for you or someone else to show up before Xmas, get that order in NOW. We will continue to pack and ship orders as normal after the 10th, but make zero promises about them actually arriving before the end of the year if you order after December 10th.

That being said, we’re also stoked to announce that we’re running a holiday promotion where all orders over $100 are entitled to 10% off AND a free t-shirt. We’re trying to de-scrooge a bit and are offering up a free “Destroyer Zombies” Robotic Empire t-shirt to anyone who orders over $100… just let us know you’re preferred size and color (comes on a black or white t-shirt) and we’ll hook it up as long as the supplies last.

HOLIDAZE is the coupon code to get 10% off all $100+ orders, and here’s how you redeem it: Add stuff to your cart and check out as usual. After you sign in with PayPal, you get taken back to the Robo Store and THERE is where you enter in the HOLIDAZE redemption code, and right below in the “notes” box is where you should put in your preferred size and color t-shirt for the free “Destroyer Zombies” t-shirt.

Just a little early holiday cheer from the Robo camp. Hit up the Robotic Empire – Online Store for all kinds of good tunes, clothes and other crap. Not a whole lot of distro updates this month, been busy juggling lots of other life-changing/affirming stuff. Regardless, here’s the latest:

NEW ITEMS & RESTOCKS (for late November):
* Deadsea – Desiderata 12″ (Chrome Leaf) – $12.99
* Deadsea – Self-Titled CD (Chrome Leaf) – $11.99
* Glissade – Further – BLUE COLORED VINYL 2×12″+CD (Deep Space) – $16.99
* In First Person / Storm The Bastille – Split 12″ PINK COLORED VINYL (Protagonist) – $10.99
* Liquid Limbs – Orquid – MAROON w/ CREAM HAZE COLORED VINYL 12″+CD (Sound Study) – $14.99
* Melt Banana – Three Studies for a Crucifixion 8″ – $12.99
* North – Ruins 12″+CD CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Cavity) – $13.99
* Robots And Empire – Omnivore CD (Trip Machine) – $7.99
* Teenage Cool Kids – Queer Salutations CD (Protagonist) – $10.00
* Tournament – Swordswallower CD (Trip Machine) – $7.99
* Tweak Bird – Whorses 7″ (Challenge Throne) – $6.99
* Valkyrie – Man Of Two Visions CD (Noble Origin) – $10.99

NEW ITEMS & RESTOCKS (from early November):
* Ampere – All Our Tomorrows End Today – BLUE COLORED VINYL 10″ (Ebullition) $10.99
* Breather Resist – Patent Cruciform – CASKET SHAPED PICTURE DISC 10″ (King Of The Monsters) $9.99
* Catalyst, The / Mass Movement Of The Moth – Two Thousand And Six Six Six CD (Electric Human Project) $8.99
* Cattle Decapitation – Human Jerky – PICTURE DISC 12″ (Accident Prone) $11.99
* Envy / Jesu – Split – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Conspiracy) $17.99
* His Hero Is Gone – Fifteen Counts Of Arson 12″ (Prank) $9.99
* His Hero Is Gone – Monuments To Thieves 12″ (Prank) $9.99
* Holy Sons (member of Grails, OM) – Decline of the West 12″ (ABC Group) $10.99
* Ingrid – Tryangle Cassette (Cosmic Debris) $4.99
* Nadja / 5/5/2000 – Tumpisa – 180 GRAM – 12″+CD (Accident Prone) $17.99
* Off Minor – Innominate 12″ (Golden Brown) $9.99
* Orchid – Chaos Is Me – YELLOW COLORED VINYL 12″ (Ebullition) $11.99
* Otesanek – Self-Titled CD (Electric Human Project) $8.99
* Panicsville / Wether – Split Cassette (No Horse Sh!t) $4.99
* Reversal of Man – This Is Medicine CD (Ebullition) $9.99
* Various Artists – Deadly Sins – 4×7″ Box Set (Hater of God) $10.99
* Yaphet Kotto – Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love CD (Ebullition) $9.99

Last but certainly not least, we are honored to announce that TORCHE took the #1 position in Decibel Magazine’s “Top 40 Albums of 2008” issue! We are so proud of our dudes that we dedicated an entire blog entry to this momentous occasion. It probably needs little reminder, but Meanderthal is available in an over-the-top vinyl package from Robotic Empire (found here in our Online Store), and on the CD format from Hydra Head Records. We’re knocking off three bucks from the asking price for the LP until the end of the year as a little encouragement to the folks who haven’t picked up the deluxe vinyl edition yet.

That’s it for now, get those holiday orders in before December 10th!

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