ROBOTIC EMPIRE FIRE SALE: $5 CDs for all standalone label titles (plus more)

January 22, 2008

Here it is, the final celebration and fire sale for Robotic Empire’s current (ie, old) Online Store. Until the launch of our new Online Store, we’re offering all standalone Robotic Empire CDs for $5 apiece. This is for USA customers only, since our existing international setup sucks with our current (and now royally outdated) Online Store. Canadians can partake too, but ya’ll gotta cough up $8 apiece.

There’s one catch though, you have to spend a minimum of $10 if you partake in this fire sale. That means you have to buy 2 CDs… or 1 CD and a 7″ or LP or shirt or whatever raises the order value to at least $10. This is so we don’t totally lose our asses with this, as we absorb all PayPal and postage fees within our current Online Store.

Yep, $5 CDs postage paid by us. Sound like a good deal? This is a win-win situation, as we need to make room for the incoming Capsule LP+CDs and Isis box set, both just a few weeks away now. That’s all we can say for now as there won’t be pre-orders or holds or anything… but we’ll be launching these titles for sale when the new Online Store is done. We’re busting our asses to finish this absolutely mammoth project, but it’s almost done now so keep an eye out for that major update from us in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please help us get some CDs out of our house as there’s hardly room to walk in here any more. The following Robotic Empire titles and non-label titles are now discounted to just $5 apiece:

* A Life Once Lost – “The Fourth Plague: Flies” CDep (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* A Life Once Lost – “Open Your Mouth For The Speechless” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* As The Sun Sets – “Each Individual Voice” CD (City Of Hell) – $5.00
* Circle Takes The Square – “As The Roots Undo” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Crestfallen – “Self-Titled” CDep (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Crippler Cross Face (mbrs of Daughters, As The Sun Sets) – “Where Did We Put That Dead Horse” CDep (Urchin) – $7.00
* Crowpath – “Old Cuts and Blunt Knives” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Daughters – “Canada Songs” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Ghastly City Sleep – “Self-Titled” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Kayo Dot – “Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Magrudergrind / Shitstorm – “Split” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Magrudergrind / Shitstorm – “Split – EUROPEAN IMPORT” CD (Fuck Yoga) – $5.00
* Necrophagist – “Epitaph” CD (Relapse) – $5.00
* Neil Perry / A Days Refrain – “Split” 3″ MiniCD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Pageninetynine – “Document 8” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Pig Destroyer – “Painter Of Dead Girls” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Pink Razors – “Scene Suicide” CDep (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Pink Razors – “Waiting To Wash Up” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Pygmy Lush – “Bitter River” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Railsplitter – “Sunday Morning At The Church Of The Head Crushing Riff” CD (Urchin) – $5.00
* Red Chord, The – “Fused Together In Revolving Doors” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Red Chord, The – “Fused Together – FIRST PRESS” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Red Sparowes / Gregor Samsa – “Split” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Stop It!! – “Self Made Maps” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Torche – “Self-Titled Reissue” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Torche – “Self-Titled (Original Press)” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Ultra Dolphins – “Why Are You Laugh” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Ultra Dolphins – “Mar” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Various Artists – “Mutation (Ed Gein, Minor Times, etc)” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Versoma – “Life During Wartime” CDep (Robotic Empire) – $5.00
* Windmills By The Ocean (member of ISIS, Red Sparowes) – “Self-Titled” CD (Robotic Empire) – $5.00

This is a limited time offer, and will expire with the launch of our upcoming, entirely new Online Store. So take advantage of this while you can, as we’re trying to get this new webstore live as quickly as possible! Thank you!

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