Robotic Empire February Distro Update

February 08, 2016

Got a nice little distro update for everyone this week! Very pleased to have the Expo 70 – Kinetic Tones album in stock, this one has been on constant rotation lately so be sure to grab up a copy. Newest album from Jessica 93 came in from Music Fear Satan Records and I suggest you give them a listen if you’ve not yet. We’ve got their previous two albums in stock also in case you’re looking for more. Grabbed up some Monarch releases and some Year of No Light restocks from MFS too.

Behind the Mountain Records in Poland sent us some brutal music from their catalog and some come with DVDs like the Massgrave/Suffering Mind 9″ and the Rwake 12″. The first book we’ve ever carried is available now in the shop, a great read if you’re a Dan Lilker fan. Great photos, massive book, totally worth the cash! Lot’s of Self Defense Family tunes in stock now from Iron Pier Records in addition to some Wild Moth releases and last but not least is the newest 7″ from Seattle band Posse . These are some great songs and a gorgeous little 7″, check them out.

As far as Robo news goes, all Isis – Celestial 2×12″ orders have been shipping out in a timely manner and we’re expecting to get word any day about the arrival of the Creation is Crucifixion 2×12″ that we’ve been taking pre-orders for. Once we hear more we’ll make sure to post about it on our Instagram – @roboticempire and Facebook accounts. As soon as they arrive they’ll begin shipping out, thanks for all those orders!

Back in stock in limited quantities is Floor’s – Self Titled 12″+7″ on CLEAR COLORED VINYL along with some Black copies too. Once these are gone they are gone for quite some time, no plans for a repress on that one any time soon. Don’t miss out. We requested the last copies of Thou’s – Baton Rouge 12″s back from our distributor and just like Floor, once those are sold out there are no plans for a repress anytime soon.

Alright that’s about all for now, please look over the list below and thanks for the support. Stoked to start pumping out the 2016 releases!

New Items
Expo 70 – Kinetic Tones – BRONZE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Oaken Palace) $17.99
Jessica 93 – Self-Titled 12″ (Music Fear Satan) $10.99
Massgrave / Suffering Mind – Split 9″+DVD (Behind The Mountain) $9.99
Monarch – Die Tonight – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Music Fear Satan) $10.99
Monarch – Sabbracadaver 2×12″ (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
Perpetual Conversion – 30 Years & Counting in the Life of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker Book (Handshake) $19.99
Phobia / Suffering Mind – Split 5″ (Behind The Mountain) $5.99
Posse – Perfect H 7″ (Wharf Cat) $8.99
Rwake – A Stone, A Leaf An Unfound Door – LAVENDER COLORED VINYL 12″+DVD (Behind The Mountain) $10.99
Self Defense Family – Duets – PINK COLORED VINYL 12″ (Iron Pier) $13.99
Self Defense Family – German Industrial Ballads Cassette (Bad Paintings) $5.99
Self Defense Family – When The Barn Caves In – ORANGE GOLD COLORED VINYL 7″ (Iron Pier) $4.99
Self Defense Family – When The Barn Caves In Cassette (Iron Pier) $4.99
Soilent Green – Pussy Soul – BLUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Behind The Mountain) $10.99
Wild Moth – Inhibitor 12″ (Iron Pier) $13.99
Wild Moth – Mirror – FLEXI VINYL 7″ (Iron Pier) $4.99

Floor – Self-Titled 12”+7” *BLACK VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $16.99
Floor – Self-Titled 12”+7” *CLEAR COLORED VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $19.99
Huata – Atavist Of Mann 2×12” *RED COLORED VINYL* (Music Fear Satan) $19.99
Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt 2×12” *BLACK VINYL* (Music Fear Satan) $21.99
Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt 2×12” *CLEAR BLUE COLORED VINYL* (Music Fear Satan) $21.99
Year Of No Light / Bagarre Generale – Split 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Music Fear Satan) $10.99

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