Robotic Empire Distro Update & Upcoming New Release Announcements!

February 27, 2017

Well, it’s been a busy start to 2017 for Robotic Empire thus far. With the Malady 12″ repress and then Isis’ – Wavering Radiant being released soon after, you guys have been keeping me busy with all the orders. Things have slowed down now and I’m all caught up on packing & shipping orders and boy does that feel good!

Winter is slowly coming to a close up here in the mountains and at this time of the year there are some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. It was a heavier winter this year but the massive snow accumulation was exciting! Some final snowmobile rides have been happening lately and seeing fresh cougar prints up in the forest was a treat. Mud season will arrive soon, bringing it’s own set of challenges, but rest assured that hard working Jeep Cherokee will haul your packages through anything!

Lots of new items and restocks had been arriving in the mail but it wasn’t possible to attend to them or do a distro update until now. I’m pleased to finally send out these lists and let you guys look over all the new additions to the online store.

Loads of new Bastard Noise releases came in, (and more are on the way!). Some extremely limited Dead albums, a wide variety of releases from Gilead Media & Magic Bullet Records (please glance at the lists, too many to individually mention). Hip Kid Records sent in some great new music and I’ve stocked Halo Of Flies newest items and the Cloud Rat repress. I encourage you to give a listen to the Tristan Welch releases. Tristan submitted a demo cassette and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to carry any material he had available at this time. That God Bless America CD is top notch.

2017 will continue to be a busy year for Robotic! Since I’m very excited about these releases why not share some status reports? Artwork is currently being set up for the Jesu – Ascension 2×12″, test presses are currently being made for the Big Hush 12″, Pygmy Lush have written and recorded a new album and test presses will begin for that one soon! Virginia Creep are working on a new cassette release & Thou’s – Peasant 2×12″ is coming together, we’ll have that ready for their summer shows.

In addition to all that fun news, after all these years Robotic Empire will be getting a new website and online store! Our current Zencart store is so old, outdated and honestly very frustrating to deal with most of the time. I CAN NOT WAIT, for the launch of the new site. Late March is the tentative time frame for that to happen but these things can’t be rushed. Excited either way, and I think you all will be too once you see the difference!

Hopefully some of that news peaks a bit of interest. I’ll keep you updated as things progress with all of the new releases and I’d love to hear any comments and feedback as to what everyone is excited for etc. Now on to the distro update, please glance over the new items and restocks and pick up some new tunes. Every dollar you spend is going directly into making those above mentioned new releases come to fruition. It can’t happen without you! Thanks everyone for the support.

New Items
Ancst – Moloch 12″ (Vendetta) $10.99
Angry Gods – The Clearning 12″ (Hip Kid) $7.99
Anicon – Exegeses 12″ (Gilead Media) $16.99
Arms Aloft – What A Time To Be Barely Alive – BLUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Gilead Media) $13.99
Bastard Noise – Doomed Expedition 12″ (Skull) $17.99
Bastard Noise / U.N.D – Economy Of Death / Fall 7″ (Freak Animal) $6.99
Bastard Noise / Wiches Of Malibu – Split – YELLOW VINYL 12″ (Skull) $5.50
Boilerman – Loss Leaders 12″ (Hip Kid) $7.99
Charles Manson – Air – GREY COLORED VINYL 12″ (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Charles Manson – Trees – GREEN COLORED VINYL 12″ (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard / Bastard Noise – First Music / First Noise 7″ (Deep Six) $5.50
Coltranes, The – Never Sleep Again / Man With The Hat 12″ (Hip Kid) $7.99
Converge – Jane Doe – 180 GRAM BLACK VINYL 2×12″ (Deathwish) $19.99
Converge – No Heros – BROWN MIX COLORED VINYL 12″ (Deathwish) $10.99
Cracked Vessel – No Path 12″ (Hip Kid) $7.99
Cursed – Two – SILVER COLORED VINYL 12″ (Deathwish) $10.99
Dakhma – Suna Kulto 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $10.99
Dawn Ray’d – A Thorn A Blight – CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $10.99
Dead – Untitle 12″ (We Empty Rooms) $29.99
Dead / Mark Deutrom – Collective Fictions 12″ (We Empty Rooms) $29.99
Dusteaters – Transhumanism Cassette (Hip Kid) $4.99
Fister – Gemini – RED COLORED VINYL 12″ (Encapsulated) $9.99
Fister / Everything Went Black – Split – GREY COLORED VINYL 7″ (Encapsulated) $4.99
Gidim – Self Titled Cassette (Hip Kid) $4.99
Gloam – Hex Of Nine Heads 2×12″ (Gilead Media) $21.99
Integrity / Power Trip – Split 12″ (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Krallice – Hyperion 12″ (Gilead Media) $14.99
Lake Of Violet – The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines – VIOLET COLORED VINYL 12″ (Gilead Media) $14.99
MAKE – Pilgrimage of Loathing – 180 Gram VINYL 12″ (Accident Prone) $9.99
Man Is The Bastard: Bastard Noise – Our Earth’s Blood Part V 7″ (Skull) $5.50
Mizmor – Yodh 2×12″ (Gilead Media) $23.99
Mutilation Rites – Harbinger 12″ (Gilead Media) $16.99
Self Defense Family – Try Me – WHITE BLACK COLORED VINYL 12″ (Deathwish) $10.99
Sex Snobs – Pop Songs And Other Ways To Die Cassette (Hip Kid) $4.99
Tristan Welch – Washington D.C Cassette (Self Released) $4.99
Tristan Welch / Ron Oshima – God Bless America CD (Self Released) $4.99
Vhol – Deeper Than Sky 12″ (Gilead Media) $14.99
Weak Wrists – Self-Titled 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $10.99


Barghest – Untitled 12” *180gram VINYL* (Gilead Media) $9.99
Blacklisted – When People Grow, People Go 12” *WHITE COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Bleach Everything – Free Inside 7” *CLEAR COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $4.99
Charles Manson – Inner Sanctum 7” *ORANGE COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $4.99
City Of Caterpillar – Self-Titled 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Repeater) $15.99
Cloud Rat – Moksha 12” *PURPLE COLORED VINYL* (Halo Of Flies) $10.99
Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind 2×12” *VINYL* (Deathwish) $19.99
Cult Leader – Lightless Walk 12” *DARK RED COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Generation Of Vipers – Coffin Wisdom 12” *VINYL* (Gilead) $14.99
Ides Of Gemini – Carthage Between Strange Fruit 7” *VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $4.99
Implodes – Reverser 12” *ORANGE COLORED VINYL* (Gilead Media) $12.99
Kowloon Walled City – Grievances 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Gilead Media) $15.99
Krallice – Ygg Huur 12” *VINYL* (Gilead Media) $15.99
Loma Prieta – Self Portrait 12” *WHITE COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Majority Rule – Interviews With David Frost 12” *MULTI COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Oathbreaker – Maelstrom 12” *PURPLE COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Pageninetynine / Majority Rule – Split 12” *GREEN COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Sweet Cobra – Earth 12” *CLEAR ORANGE COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You – Self-Titled 2×12” *GREY COLORED COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $19.99
This Will Destroy You – Young Mountain 12” *LAVENDER COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You – Moving on the Edges of Things 12” *PICTURE DISC VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You & Lymbyc Systym – Field Studies 12” *GREEN COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Thou – Heathen 2×12” *VINYL* (Howling Mine) $19.99
Vhol – Self-Titled 2×12” *VINYL* (Gilead Media) $19.99
Wormwood – Self-Titled 12” *RED COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Yellow Eyes – Sick With Bloom 12” *VINYL* (Gilead Media) $14.99

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