New releases announced (FLOOR box set, MEDUSA tape), Online Store updates & more!

August 17, 2009

Hot on the heels of the BAD SECRETS 9″+CD release we’ve got some pretty exciting announcements for this week, including a couple more new Robotic Empire releases. Immediately available is the debut MEDUSA album on cassette, and very shortly we will be making pre-orders available for the insanely massive FLOOR box set! Without further ado…

MEDUSA‘s debut En Raga Sul hits like a hurricane. Severely bludgeoning, ugly and downright EVIL sounding, this unholy release is the result when five lifetimes of burly riffs, horror movies and heavy pot intake collide into a maelstrom of hardcore/punk fury. 3/5ths of the RACEBANNON machine are responsible for this commotion, although MEDUSA is a beast of a very different color. The sheer vicious heaviness contained on this little monster conjures early MELVINS, HIS HERO IS GONE, FLOOR and Rosemary’s Baby all involved a multi-car pileup.

We’re very excited to present the cassette release of this behemoth of an album, and have done our best to package it accordingly. Housed in a double-sided finely silk-screened J-card with metallic gold ink, this black cassette (also with gold ink) is limited to a total of 200 copies and available now in our Online Store.

To say the very least, it’s been a long time coming. The long-rumored FLOOR box set is not only actually happening… it’s nearly upon us. Years in the making, everything this seminal Florida outfit ever recorded is contained within this massive release, including hours of material never previously heard by the public. This insane 10xLP (and one 7″) box set should include CDs of the same material as well as an extensive booklet of some lyrics, original artwork, band writings and tons more.

We’re hoping to have this completed within a few months, and pre-orders even sooner… maybe within just a week or two. More info will be posted as it becomes available, so please stay tuned (if you’re not on our email list already, this would be a good time to sign up). Consider this a warning: start saving your spare change and prepare your ears for permanent damage!

Lastly, we’ve gotten a crucial variety of new distro stuff in our Online Store this week. There’s the long-elusive 3-way split 12″ from THE ASSISTANT / TAKARU / THIS SHIP WILL SINK which has been unavailable for years, as well as new vinyl from AMENRA, FALL OF EFRAFA, NADJA, SWEET COBRA, TOWERS, killer new Forcefield releases, Sound Devastation and Electric Earth imports, along with much of the 20 Buck Spin catalog to keep your ears bleeding.

* Amenra – Mass III-II + Mass IIII 2xCD (Init) $13.99
* Amenra – Mass III+II 2×12″ (Sound Devastation) $20.99
* Assistant, The / Takaru / This Ship Will Sink – Three Way Split 12″ (Red Tape) $11.99
* Black Boned Angel / Nadja – Christ Send Light 12″ (Sound Devastation) $18.99
* Black Boned Angel / Nadja – Split CD (20 Buck Spin) $7.99
* Black Pyramid – Self-Titled 2×12″ (Electric Earth) $30.99
* Blinding Light – Junebug CD (Init) $11.99
* Cleric – Cumberbund – PICTURE DISC 12″ (Sound Devastation) $10.99
* Coffins – Buried Death CD (20 Buck Spin) $7.99
* Endless Blockade – Primitive CD (20 Buck Spin) $7.99
* Fall of Efrafa – Owsla 12″ (Sound Devastation) $18.99
* Fall of Efrafa – Owsla CD (Sound Devastation) $11.99
* Graves At Sea / Asunder – Split 12″ (20 Buck Spin) $9.99
* Hammerlord – Self-Titled CD (Init) $8.99
* Hammers Of Misfortune – Fields / Church Of Broken 2×12″ (20 Buck Spin) $16.99
* Humanfly – II CD (20 Buck Spin) $7.99
* Indian – The Sycophant – BLACK VINYL 12″ (Seventh Rule) $11.99
* Infernal Stronghold – Godless Noise 12″ (Forcefield) $12.99
* Kongh – Counting Heartbeats – GREEN BLACK COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Sound Devastation) $19.99
* Korova – Another Happy Customer CD (Victimized) $7.99
* Medusa – En Raga Sul Cassette (Robotic Empire) $5.99
* Mike Bell – How To Avoid Your Past Cassette (Be Happy) $4.99
* Millions – Telephone Game 7″ (Seventh Rule) $4.99
* Ocean Chief – Den Förste 12″ (Electric Earth) $22.99
* Rogue State – Emic Vs. Etic – BLACK VINYL 12″ (Be Happy) $7.99
* Samothrace – Life’s Trade 2×12″ (20 Buck Spin) $16.99
* Stormcrow / Laudanum – Split 12″ (20 Buck Spin) $9.99
* Sweet Cobra – Bottom Feeder 12″ (Seventh Rule) $12.99
* Tournament – Years Old – 180gram 12″ (Forcefield) $12.99
* Towers – Full Circle 12″ (Init) $11.99
* Towers – Full Circle CD (Init) $8.99

* Abandoned Hearts Club, The – The Initial Confessions Of – CLEAR COLORED VINYL 7″ (Init) $4.99
* Akimbo – City of the Stars CD (Seventh Rule) $10.99
* Ancient Sky – Temporary CD (Self Released) $4.99
* Anodyne – Salo CD (Init) $7.99
* Endless Blockade – Primitive 12″ (20 Buck Spin) $9.99
* Fall Of Efrafa – Elil 2×12″ (Halo Of Flies) $20.99
* Glaciers – 22408 CD (Self Released) $5.99
* Hennes Siste Host – Host CD (Init) $11.99
* Indian – The Unquiet Sky 2×12″ (Seventh Rule) $17.99
* Spirit Of Versailles – Live On WNYU 7″ – BLUE COLORED VINYL (Init) $4.99
* Spirit Of Versailles, The – Discography 2xCD (Init) $11.99
* Thou – Peasant CD (Autopsy Kitchen) $10.99

Please pick up something if you can so we can attempt to afford the production of this massive FLOOR box set! Again, if you’re not signed up for our email list already, please do so as that’ll probably be the fastest way to find out about the pre-order once we have it available. Thank you!

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