New old BARONESS release, recycled VINYL JEWELRY, t-shirts and more!

June 20, 2012

We are very excited to announce the availability of BARONESS‘ formative material, First & Second, once again as a deluxe vinyl LP! Released by old pals Hyperrealist Records, we have worked closely with our comrades on this fantastic release, and Robotic Empire is thrilled to announce that we are the first (and currently, sole) mailorder/distro operation that has this glorious record available.

* BARONESS – First & Second 12″ is available now exclusive in the Robotic Empire – Online Store

Having personally witnessed this band go from basements to arenas, it has been unsurprising yet invigorating to watch the incredible assent of one of the most ambitious bands in heavy music today. BARONESS started their foundation with a solid mixture of punk, metal and rock n roll. First & Second showcases their impressive initial offerings, combined on to one cohesive long-player.

All 38 minutes of material was re-mixed and re-mastered for this re-release, which has just been re-pressed as 2000 LPs: 1000 on opaque purple vinyl, and 1000 on an opaque yellowly marble color. Each vinyl color is a direct pantone match from within the artwork, and beautifully compliment the entire elaborate package. The LP is housed in a doublesided full color innersleeve, which resides inside a glorious gatefold jacket imprinted with a foil stamp on the exterior… all completely enveloped in BARONESS songwriter/guitarist/vocalist John Dyer Baizley’s stunning and elaborate artwork that he has since become world famous for.

Previously referred to as post-metal or prog-metal, BARONESS‘ strength in their initial sound is that it truly defies classification. Everything from thunderous stoner riffs to D-beat hardcore aggression, psychedelic interludes to classic metal guitar harmonies, all topped off with powerful, guttural vocals, First & Second showcases a young but capable band changing genre and style as seamlessly and effortlessly as they change tempo. This is absolutely classic material, and we are elated to present it to you today!

* BARONESS – First & Second 12″ available now exclusive in the Robotic Empire – Online Store

This title is also available for wholesale. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Another unique edition to the Robotic Empire – Online Store for this update is the addition of a variety of recycled-vinyl products from the Canada company Vling. A long time in the making, we’ve just stocked up on some very cool items made from recycled vinyl, including necklaces, iPhone cases, earrings and bookmarks. We aren’t likely to be able to re-stock any of this stuff down the road, so hit it up now!
* Vling’s recycled-vinyl items in the Robotic Empire – Online Store

Beyond those two noteworthy aspects of this update, we’ve also had a handful of new items and restocks come in since the last lengthy update.

For additional new stuff this time around we’re talkin turkey about GLASS HITS, OLD GODS, US CHRISTMAS debut overdue on vinyl, plus the recent YEAR OF NO LIGHT / ALTAR OF PLAGUES split.

For restocks we’ve got bangers from AMEN RA, AUSTRASIAN GOAT, BARGHEST, FELL VOICES, KRALLICE, THOU and YEAR OF NO LIGHT. Here’s the full list:

* Baroness – First & Second 12″ – PURPLE COLORED VINYL (Hyperrealist) $14.99
* Baroness – First & Second 12″ – YELLOW COLORED VINYL (Hyperrealist) $14.99
* Bookmark – Straight Cassette (Vling) $9.99
* Bookmark – Zig Zag Cassette (Vling) $9.99
* Earrings – 45 Adapter (Vling) $14.99
* Earrings – Cherries (Vling) $14.99
* Earrings – Gramaphone (Vling) $14.99
* Earrings – Lightening Bolts (Vling) $14.99
* Earrings – Swallows (Vling) $14.99
* Earrings – Trees (Vling) $14.99
* Glass Hits – Pioneers Get The Arrows, Settlers Get The Land 12″ (Self Released) $9.99
* iPhone Case (Vling) $19.99
* Necklace – 45 Adapter (Vling) $14.99
* Necklace – Brass Knuckle, BLACK (Vling) $14.99
* Necklace – Brass Knuckle, GOLD (Vling) $14.99
* Necklace – Cherries (Vling) $14.99
* Necklace – Gramaphone (Vling) $14.99
* Necklace – Lightening Bolt (Vling) $14.99
* Necklace – Skull, BLACK (Vling) $14.99
* Necklace – Skull, GOLD (Vling) $14.99
* Old Gods – Old Gods 12″ – RED COLORED VINYL (Forge Again) $9.99
* US Christmas – Bad Heart Bull 12″ – BONE WITH BLUE SPLATTER COLORED VINYL (Play The Assassin) $21.99
* US Christmas – Bad Heart Bull 12″ – CLEAR WITH BLACK SPLATTER COLORED VINYL (Play The Assassin) $21.99
* US Christmas – Bad Heart Bull 12″ – GREEN & YELLOW COLORED VINYL (Play The Assassin) $21.99
* Year Of No Light / Altar Of Plagues – Split 12″ (Music Fear Satan) $14.99

* Amen Ra – Mass III 2×12″ – GREEN COLORED VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $24.99
* Austrasian Goat, The / Neige Morte – Split 10″ – WHITE COLORED VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $14.99
* Barghest – Untitled 12″ – 180gram VINYL (Gilead Media) $10.99
* Fell Voices – Untitled 12″ – VINYL (Gilead Media) $16.99
* Krallice – Diotima 2×12″ – VINYL (Gilead Media) $19.99
* Thou – Summit CD (Gilead Media) $14.99
* Thou – Tyrant CD (Gilead Media) $14.99
* Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt 2×12″ – BLACK VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $26.99

Last and possibly least, we’re running a t-shirt giveaway through the end of the month, where if you buy two shirts you can get one of the following for free:

* Floor – Dove
* Floor – Heather
* Floor – Leaves
* Magrudergrind – Facemelter
* Nadja – Bone Blight
* Thou – Owl

These are rad shirts no doubt, but we just have too many of them taking up much-needed shelf space. Get yourself some phat new summer threads, or if you’re the planning-ahead-type… an alternative is “buy 4 shirts get 1 free hoodie”:

* Torche – Ciou Elephant

You can cozy up this fall/winter in that jammer. Again, a super nice garment but just taking up too much space at the moment!

TO REDEEM: Just enter in the shirt you want in the “comments” note part at checkout, and be sure to include your shirt size and maybe an alternative design or size just in case we run out. Word?

That party is happening now in the Robotic Empire – Online Store, and will cease to exist at the end of June.

That’s it, thank you & peace!
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