new CANNABIS CORPSE t-shirt now available!! +Robotic Empire Online Store updates

September 18, 2007

So it’s been a while since Robotic Empire made a new t-shirt and what other way to show our undying love for drugs and metal than to combine forces with Richmond’s own CANNABIS CORPSE!?! Yep, our incredible death metal brethren have allowed us to print up this brutal new four-color t-shirt with spot-on artwork by another local Richmond artist, Jim Callahan. This new shirt truly celebrates the dangerous nature of CANNABIS CORPSE‘s bud-monster fan base, as two are featured together on this shirt, rolling up captured human beings into delicious joints! Of course, we mean “tobacco cigarettes” for the narcs out there.

Seriously though, this shirt turned out fucking incredible and we’re really stoked to have this thing for sale. Click here for a more detailed view of the artwork, or click here for a photo of the actual printed t-shirt! We’re charging $15 for this (postage paid in the USA) and the band now has these shirts as well if you’d rather support them directly. We got an insane amount of sizes printed (Youth Large through Double Extra Large) and this is available NOW in the Robotic Empire Online Store!

For the unfortunate metalheads out there who haven’t CANNABIS CORPSE yet (and if you somehow can’t guess what they sound like), this Richmond-based combo of BATTLEMASTER and MUNICIPAL WASTE members pay homage to the mighty CANNIBAL CORPSE and marijuana simultaneously… through blistering weed-inspired death metal! It’s not a parody though, as their songs actually RIP! Seriously, check out four dank samples via overlord myspace.

If you like what you hear/see, please pick up the new shirt, their debut Blunted At Birth album, and/or the new BATTLEMASTER album (both released by Forcefield Records) which absolutely destroys as well! Forcefield is a pretty badass local Richmond label releasing some awesome (and varied) stuff, check them out too!

OK now that we’ve hyped the fuck out of our favorite crop of Richmond metalheads, maybe you’re more interested in colored vinyl and stuff so here’s a few restocks to the Robotic Empire Online Store over the past week or whatever:

* Back When – “We Sang As Ghosts – COLORED VINYL” 2×12″ (Shock Value) – $15.50
* Back When – “We Sang As Ghosts” CD (Shock Value) – $10.00
* Boris – “Akuma No Uta – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Eat Death) – $14.00
* Boris – “Akuma No Uta – Size: Medium” T-Shirt (Eat Death) – $14.00
* Boris – “Akuma No Uta – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Eat Death) – $14.00
* Boris – “Akuma No Uta – Size: Extra Large” T-Shirt (Eat Death) – $14.00
* Brainworms – “Which Is Worse” CD (Rorschach) – $8.00
* Bright Calm Blue – “Asymmetry Set” 12″ (Independence Day) – $9.00
* Catalyst, The – “A Hospital Visit” CDep (McCarthyism) – $7.00
* Charles Bronson – “Mugshot – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Eat Death) – $12.00
* Charles Bronson – “Mugshot – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Eat Death) – $12.00
* Ed Gein – “Its A Shame – RED COLORED VINYL” 12″ (Shock Value) – $10.50
* Flowers In The Attic – “Human – LIME GREEN SPLATTER COLORED VINYL” 10″ (McCarthyism) – $8.00
* Flowers In The Attic – “Self-Titled – WHITE COLORED VINYL” 12″ (McCarthyism) – $9.00
* Hidden Hand, The / Wooly Mammoth – “Night Letters (split)” 12″ (McCarthyism) – $9.00
* Indian Summer – “Discography” 12″ (Adagio 830) – $12.00
* Joshua Fit For Battle – “To Bring Our Own End – METALLIC GOLD COLORED VINYL” 12″ (Shock Value) – $10.50
* Joshua Fit For Battle – “To Bring Our Own End – CLEAR COLORED VINYL” 12″ (Shock Value) – $10.50
* Now, The – “Self-Titled” 12″ (Ohnono) – $10.00
* South, The / Hypatia – “Split” 12″ (Dead Tank) – $8.00
* They And The Children – “Thoughts On Becoming A Ghost – PURPLE/SILVER COLORED VINYL” 12″ (Shock Value) – $10.00
* Xasthur – “Logo – Size: Small” T-Shirt (Eat Death) – $12.00
* Xasthur – “Logo – Size: Large” T-Shirt (Eat Death) – $12.00

Thanks / Peace! – Robotic Empire Mailorder Crew

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